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Grand Order Naruto by NarutoFan980
Grand Order Narutoby NarutoFan980
A complete rewrite of the Naruto series, but there will be changes. Naruto will have a deck of cards where he can summon any female or male being. The village of Konoha...
Fate/Strange World by PapaBeard
Fate/Strange Worldby PapaBeard
Y/N L/N is a enthusiast of history and mythology, even before his quirk appeared. The stories of great heroes of old that pushed the limits of man, defeating monsters a...
The Blood God In Chaldea by TheSilentLord
The Blood God In Chaldeaby AlteredEgoist
A Dsmp x Fgo crossover They came from legends. First starting from ww2, then the fall of l'manburg... now they are one. As a Servant of Chaldea, they hold power that cou...
My Altered Life (Gilgamesh Male Reader x DxD) by TheAnimeManofYeet
My Altered Life (Gilgamesh Male Re...by TheAnimeManofYeet
"You survived mongrel?! Hahaha!!! To think I couldn't even kill a person who isn't even a part of this war... I'll show those 2 fakers something, I too can have 2 o...
The Fox by __itsyaboy__
The Foxby Skyy
A story about a boy and his partner trying to keep each other and everyone around them safe Note: I don't own any of the characters except for my own. Jujutsu kaisen bel...
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune Arc) by Drunken_Crow
The King Of Knights (RWBY X Jaune...by Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc... A Simple Boy Who Never Dreamed Of Being A Huntsman But Instead... A Knight... As He Gained Special Power. How Will This Simple Boy With A Dream Will Impact...
Overlord: Divine Kingdom Camelot  by austin333lee
Overlord: Divine Kingdom Camelot by austin333lee
In the online game of Yggdrasil there lived a player who rules over a kingdom of npc's but when he finds himself in a new world he and his kingdom will have to adapt to...
Fate Grand Order: Dear Uncle  by Holy-Thunderer
Fate Grand Order: Dear Uncle by Sanctiadd
Pendragon It was a name of Royalty, Respect and Most of Pride In the country of North Wales. Artoria oldest daughter of Urther Pendragon and Mordred Pendragon Granddaug...
Chains of Heaven [highschool dxd fanfic]  by _KENSEI_
Chains of Heaven [highschool dxd f...by _KENSEI_
You are a child from a different universe you died, but get reincarnated to a different universe but don't remember anything, so your quest starts a you try to find your...
The Altered Hero DXD (On Hold)  by Zakhaev_Maidwell
The Altered Hero DXD (On Hold) by Furina Katou
On Hold until further notice. Will be rewritten. I don't own anything, the pictures and videos I use all belong to their respective owners
Master From Another World (on Hiatus) by LunaWu3
Master From Another World (on Hiat...by Luna Wu
Rising of the Shield Hero x Fate Grand Order What will happen if Ritsuka Fujimaru was summoned as the Fifth Hero? Will she able to save this world? Disclaimer: Videos, G...
Fate: As Gilgamesh by iKangTL
Fate: As Gilgameshby iKangTL
Alternative Title: Gilgamesh, The Star of Genesis that Illuminates Humanity. An empty soul without a name, which had reached the end of its life, lamented and awakened t...
Male Reader X Nasuverse: Short Stories by LazyWeirdGod
Male Reader X Nasuverse: Short Sto...by Samael Asmodeus
A bunch of short Male Reader X Nasuverse, stories, about you being a Master and a Servant. So enjoy~! ** [>>>Disclaimer: I don't own anything I write except the...
Izuku's Innocent Murderer in UA- The Strongest Human by EntityPendragon
Izuku's Innocent Murderer in UA- T...by Pendragon
"I am falling, to my death. This world doesn't need a welp like me..." Izuku learned young how cruel the world can get. In most of the quirked world that stand...
knights of the round table's knight of cinder( FGO harem x male reader) by EduardoAldarondoRam5
knights of the round table's knigh...by Eduardo Aldarondo Ramos
"Embrace the darkness, Embrace your Sins" Y/n pendragon, adopted son of artoria pendragon and step brother of mordred, a knight who was the most loyal member a...
First King (First Hassan Male Reader X Grayfia) by TheAnimeManofYeet
First King (First Hassan Male Read...by TheAnimeManofYeet
A gentleman loved by his people and a special girl. During the great battle in which he took part of, he lost his life but an old man from the mountain gave him a chance...
The Master Dragon Emperor (FGOxHsDxD Fanfic) (Hiatus) by A-Freakin-Monogamist
The Master Dragon Emperor (FGOxHsD...by A-Freakin-Monogamist
Zelretch being bored of always tossing multiple Shirous in different timelines or dimensions decided to switch to another person to "help" and it just so happe...
It's Not My Fault that I want you to React by Syzygy36
It's Not My Fault that I want you...by Syzygy
Just read it No need for description
I'm the Goddess of Death in... Solo Leveling?! (HIATUS) by Okipullyurireal
I'm the Goddess of Death in... Sol...by Goddess Yuri
Death has come for yet another person. Another death, another day. But this time, death was not the end nor was it the start of a beautiful afterlife. It was the begin...