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My Best Mistake by Cutesyn18
My Best Mistakeby Natalia🤓
Natalia comes home to find her husband and sister in bed together after her husband tell her they have been sleeping together for 1 year .what is she to do but pack up...
Loving secrets by Winterrose_xoxo
Loving secretsby Rose_xoxo
"Pain washed through me and I buried my face in my hands. Why does this always happen to me! I was alarmed when somebody touched my back. I knew who it was when the...
I'm my own alpha  by ishaebalampu
I'm my own alpha by Prettysunsets
Nadia has a reputation of nearly blowing her cover to the humans as a werewolf, her parents have had just about enough and transfer her to a school specialized for the s...
My Mate Cheated On Me (Rewriting) by readingeclipse
My Mate Cheated On Me (Rewriting)by readingeclipse
Lana Black had been waiting to find her mate for a long time, finally at the age of 18 she found him..... Trenton Sanders. If her life wasn't filled with drama before it...
i am so fucking sorry by bpdowney
i am so fucking sorryby bp
the love of her life cheated on her and he is a mess now. what will happen between them?
Your Promises  by kingnonymous
Your Promises by juwa
He promise you he will never leave you, He promise you he will love you till the end of his life, He promise you he will always be with you when his mother doesn't appro...
A Betrayed Boy Who Became a Hero by JeymisPeixoto
A Betrayed Boy Who Became a Heroby Jeymis Peixoto
(Betrayed Kamen Rider Saber OC X Young Justice Harem) Nathaniel Forger found out that his mother and his exes were having sex with his bully Victor Adam, and then he lef...
I just want to be loved (Ongoing) by RoshaneJC
I just want to be loved (Ongoing)by RoshaneJC
insecure, heartbroken, once raped, unloved, lonely but could a broken person like Shayna find solace or just a little affection and love from someone 😔😔
A Path Hidden From Others (bullied infinite male reader x crossover) by Maxread325
A Path Hidden From Others ( crefightdex32
you live in a world of quirks,semblances, and sacred gears. you (y/n) have a hidden power that you keep a secret causing you to be bullied. what happens if you suddenly...
The Cook (RWBY x Souma!Male Reader) by Hmoraisfilipe
The Cook (RWBY x Souma!Male Reader)by DaarkSide
The Cook (male Soma reader x RWBY)
 (Neglected Piece Male Reader x Highschool Dxd) by SystemTo
(Neglected Piece Male Reader x SystemTo
I'm one of Rias Gremory's piece..........Former Rook to be exact..........In the peerage I'm always ignored.........I don't know why...........It all started when 𝒉𝒆 c...
S O M E T H I N G  B E A U T I F U L  by thisisallthat
S O M E T H I N G B E A U T I F nanalita
Adonis Hamilton is a twenty eight year old billionaire, who is very well known for his looks, he had been voted youngest, hottest and most successful billionaire in the...
On equal ground (yandere ex São harem x OP male oc x Taimanin Asagi harem) by UrielGonzalez574503
On equal ground (yandere ex São Toad Skywalker
After discovering his girlfriends were cheating on him, Toad Skywalker fled to the Tokyo kingdom to start fresh. That's when he met Asagi Igawa, a ninja working for the...
to fix what's broken (abused/neglected/cheated/bullied OP male oc x RWBY harem)  by UrielGonzalez574503
to fix what's broken (abused/ Toad Skywalker
Toad had a terrible life. his family had abused and neglected him. He thought that once he got into beacon, his life would improve but it didn't. Teams CRDL and SSSN bul...
Fire Burns Hotter With Anger (Highschool DxD X Cheated M! Natsu Reader X RWBY) by LukeBraniff
Fire Burns Hotter With Anger ( LukeTheDuke465
Y/n Dragneel, a powerful magic user and a loyal pawn piece in Rias Gremory's peerage. Y/n has been by Rias's side ever since they were kids as well as grew up together b...
Butterfly love by vintage
Butterfly loveby vintage
Rejection was never something she thought she had to face. But she guessed it was part of the experience of life. Layla was the sushine, the happy, nature loving she-w...
Yandere One-Shots (Volume 2) by JeymisPeixoto
Yandere One-Shots (Volume 2)by Jeymis Peixoto
I decided to make the second book of Yandere One-Shots.
Deku the Ex-Boyfriend by EnderAllay
Deku the Ex-Boyfriendby
Uraraka cheats and leaves Deku for dead, breaking his heart and his dormant quirk activates. Deku hides in the shadows to plan his revenge on her. Izuku and Hagakure are...
Cheated Love | UPDATING by WatermelonSweet
Cheated Love | UPDATINGby Sweetie
"Why the hell was he touching you?" Ryder snaps, grabbing a hold of my wrist and ripping me away from Jonathan. I glared at him, pushing Ryder's hands off me e...