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My Best Mistake by Cutesyn18
My Best Mistakeby Natalia🤓
Natalia comes home to find her husband and sister in bed together after her husband tell her they have been sleeping together for 1 year .what is she to do but pack up...
I Still Believe In Us by wintersandfall
I Still Believe In Usby wintersandfall
Newlywed twenty-two year old Rachel Winters believes she finally has it all . But when things take drastic turn Rachel will be left questioning everything and everyone a...
Broken Bonds: Issei's Rise " by Takahashi999
Broken Bonds: Issei's Rise "by Takahashi999
Issei gets neglected by the orc and finds out they've been cheating on him with vali, his sworn rival
Player by BrokenBeyondRepair
Playerby Maria
The Cheater And Cheated (Husband Sasuke x Wife Reader) *COMPLETE😁* by amee0305
The Cheater And Cheated (Husband AmaniMe
COMPLETED✅ Uchiha (Your Name) and Uchiha Sasuke had been married for 2 years now. They were the epitome of happiness to everyone. There's no other couple that's like the...
Being married for two years and no progress, what should be a wife's reaction when she finds out that she has been cheated all this while, A MISTAKE CAN BE FORGIVEN BUT...
Time That I'll Never Get Back by ONI800
Time That I'll Never Get Backby 0NI
(RWBY x Cheated Chronomancer OC)
izuku, King of monster and heros  by Deltarex2000
izuku, King of monster and heros by Saul Sanchez
After event of all for one, ochako betrayed izuku by go out bakugo, get expelled and sent to prison for crime he never do. but never made it. A years has past since izuk...
The Lightning Wolf (Bullied And Cheated Zinogre Reader x RWBY) by DraconianLover009
The Lightning Wolf (Bullied And DraconianLover009
While for many Beacon is the greatest Huntsman school of all time, its an absolute hell for one Faunus boy. His name is (y/n) Zin and he's a very kind person. But why is...
Waiting for my Mate by XxNightStripexX
Waiting for my Mateby XxNightStripexX
Writing Prompt from my friend: Sara leaves Germany to travel around the world, when she arrives in Presque Isle, Maine the Abenki tribe wolves attack her. Saved by Garre...
Your Promises  by kingnonymous
Your Promises by juwa
He promise you he will never leave you, He promise you he will love you till the end of his life, He promise you he will always be with you when his mother doesn't appro...
A Path Hidden From Others (bullied infinite male reader x crossover) by Maxread325
A Path Hidden From Others ( crefightdex32
you live in a world of quirks,semblances, and sacred gears. you (y/n) have a hidden power that you keep a secret causing you to be bullied. what happens if you suddenly...
My Mate Cheated On Me (Rewriting) by readingeclipse
My Mate Cheated On Me (Rewriting)by readingeclipse
Lana Black had been waiting to find her mate for a long time, finally at the age of 18 she found him..... Trenton Sanders. If her life wasn't filled with drama before it...
Izuku and The Conqueror ( Completed ) by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku and The Conqueror ( Kinshu
Izuku is cheated on by her girlfriends ... Just read not good at this stuff.
Momo's singer by izumomolover25
Momo's singerby Izumomolover
As everyone was talking bad about Izuku except a certain person including Aizawa and All might that they talked bad and got expelled by Nezu and he moved to America to d...
The Better Man :: Choi Seungcheol  by jjhans3ok
The Better Man :: Choi Seungcheol by Grace Smith
"let me show you how a real man treats a woman" - Rumour spread around the whole office that Lee Jennie, the sweetest and most hard working girl got cheated o...
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚙𝚎𝚛 by CubicTime
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚙𝚎𝚛by Cubic
'𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙗𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙚 𝙢𝙚...' Y/n L/n had it all, friends, status and a love life. One day, his life crumbles and breaks. He then met a man who would become his teache...
You cheated... by Jaylennn1
Aurora Knight life changed all in one night when she came home early one night and found her sister and husband in bed. So she leaves him but little does he know she's p...
cheater Rias x  male reader x Fem Oc by AltAccount8
cheater Rias x male reader x Alt Account
yoo guys sup im making a new fanfic in which you will be reffered as (Y/N) and you will be cheated on by rias and you become a couple with a oc all pictures used here a...
How I ran away by Echinoids
How I ran awayby Echinoids
Holly has a secret. One that nobody can figure out. That won't stop everybody from trying. They'll stop at nothing to find out what it is. And she'll stop at nothing to...