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Omni huntsman by PiratePhox4
Omni huntsmanby PirateFox4
Living in a small town, far from any kingdoms radar, was a boy named y/n. He was just your average human boy with a loving family, and friendly neighbors. But the town i...
Will They Notice Me? by CushiCushi
Will They Notice Me?by CushiCushi
(Y,N), nobody knew him. He was always ignored and didn't have anyone with him. Team RWBY and JNPR always were the attention in school, everyone likes them. no one even p...
RWBY Watches  Deathbattle  by deadpoolmerkwiththem
RWBY Watches Deathbattle by Dead Pool
After defeating the Grimm and capturing Roman Torchwick, RWBY decides to settle down until they discover a mysterious package comes to their front door and it's full of...
The Rose Hunter by Beaner10
The Rose Hunterby Beaner10
(Y/N) Rose had a happy childhood till one day he went to find his pet zwei but never came back. He was presumed dead but in reality he was in Yharnam killing the beast a...
Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X Yang Xiao Long by QYONNYJ
Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X Yang...by JonnyQ
Y/N unexpectedly finds Weiss cheating on him. What will he do? Who will prevent him from becoming rogue?
Halo Infinite X Rwby  by Thomas234452
Halo Infinite X Rwby by Just here guy
I don't own Rwby and halo During the battle of zeta halo fireteam Zeta has been ordered to assist the UNSC on delivery the weapon until a strange portal sucked them in...
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S.P.D.R (Spider-Man RWBY Crossover)  by BWolf2
S.P.D.R (Spider-Man RWBY Crossover...by SpiderWolf
In an Alternate version of Rement which resides in a parallel universe, there is a version of Spider-man. This Spider-Man swings around the kingdom of Vale stopping crim...
A Demon in Remnant [RWBY X Male Reader] by Retracer_16
A Demon in Remnant [RWBY X Male Re...by Voidlands_55
After you died you got called by the god's of Remnant of your Favorite Anime, RWBY giving you the ability of Immortality and Breathing Techniques It's now been quite lon...
Moonlit Roses - Ruby Rose x Male Reader by Arishok000
Moonlit Roses - Ruby Rose x Male R...by Arishok
[ Ruby Rose x Male Readeder ] Beacon Academy, the most prestigious school for Huntsman and Huntress' In the Vale. The only issue is that your semblance isn't combat base...
RWBY Reacts to Team Fortress 2 by Unthinkable175
RWBY Reacts to Team Fortress 2by Estatic Think
This react fanfic, combined all of the TF2 Meet the Team (Except Sandvich). The first 9 Reacts would be The crew. Afterwards, any other tf2 stories, even fanmade TF2 vids
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long) by Elyion22
The Golden King (Adopted!Gilgamesh...by Mona Anya
The title says it all. (Disclaimer:I don't own Fate or RWBY!)
The Phantom (Male Reader x RWBY) by SupremeUchiha
The Phantom (Male Reader x RWBY)by Supreme Uchiha
No matter how hard he tries, hate will always haunt him. . . . . Had to re write this cause it got deleted, thanks Wattpad.
The New King {RWBY x OP Male Reader} by fw_anti
The New King {RWBY x OP Male Reade...by anti
Y/n Ozpin is the adopted son of Ozpin, The headmaster of beacon. Seeing his village burn down, he felt something awaking inside of him. Something powerful. Something tha...
Hell on Remnant(Ghost Rider x RWBY)  by RedRider666
Hell on Remnant(Ghost Rider x RWBY...by Red666
Time for a new journey for The Ghost Rider. This time Remnant is the target, Duncan wishes to visit some old friends, only to find out that many things have changed, ol...
RWBY: Stand By Me, Always [1] (Raven x M!Reader x OC) by JsImagine
RWBY: Stand By Me, Always [1] (Rav...by Imãgine l Caidyn
The world of Remnant is home to many mysteries and myths. Y/N one of the very few who knew the truth was highly capable to combat these threats but everyone has their ac...
Sparda's Heir by Hambo_Again
Sparda's Heirby Hambo
Legends speak of a powerful demon who sealed off the Demon World from the Mortal Realm. This great demon was known as Sparda. He allied with humans and fought off the de...
Mother Ruby Rose  x Child Crescent Rose Reader by Shenron12
Mother Ruby Rose x Child Crescent...by Red Dragon Emperor
When Ruby Finished making her weapon lets just say she got more than she bargained for I don't own RWBY it is owned by rooster Teeth (I've added new abilities and chara...
RWBY Watches Modern Warfare Trilogy by blaszczu2500
RWBY Watches Modern Warfare Trilogyby blaszczu2500
The cast of RWBY is taken to a theater by a strange man who makes them watch one of his favourite trilogies. On hiatus until I'll get motivation to continue it.
Breaking the Ice (Weiss X Anxious and Shy Male Reader) by FrostedWaffles4657
Breaking the Ice (Weiss X Anxious...by FrostedWaffles
Weiss X Shy Male Reader. This is my first story on here and my first fanfic ever, criticism welcome and appreciated (especially on the grammar side of things). I will be...
The new world order . RWBY X neglected male reader by saian2001
The new world order . RWBY X negle...by The Commandant
A young man lived with his abusive parents and sisters Tai Xao Long, Summer Rose, and Yang Xao Long and Ruby Rose. He later creates an empire to stand the test of time. ...