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Bolt x Dog!Reader by Detective_Sociopath
Bolt x Dog!Readerby DaniGirl
A doggy actor loses his owner, Penny. He is trying to find his way home to her with the help of a stray dog and a pet hamster. They travel across America to help him get...
Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader) (Discontinued Temporarily) by Reaper-fire
Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader) ( Reaper-fire
Little y/n isn't like everyone else in remnant, the first thing is they were born a fanus to human (and quite racist and crappy parents at that) who were strongly agains...
Bolt and Penny by CuddlingWolf17
Bolt and Pennyby BJ Lucas
Its the year before Penny graduates high school and the pressure is on to please her mom for her birthday. With all the stress, Penny doesn't think she can handle it. Bu...
robotic devil          (female penny Polendina reader x DxD) by steffano21
robotic devil (female stevecon496
you are Penny during session 7 along with the winter maiden ability's that you keep secret
RWBY: Prince of Rags by Zairrif
RWBY: Prince of Ragsby Zairrif
(F/N) (L/N) grew up in Mantle and was raised by his father, never knowing who his mother was. With no aim in life, the young teen would soon find out more about himself...
Our Universe                                        Penny and Vijay by HinnyLovesHiccstrid
Our HinnyLovesHiccstrid
These stories are about how Penny and Vijay live after the big alien attack on alpha centauri (or they are AUs). It's an one-shot book, so the stories are not necessaril...
The Guardian (male reader x rwby) by Darel114
The Guardian (male reader x rwby)by Darel114
you're Pyrrha younger brother. you manage to enter beacon because professor ozpin invited you in. now you embark on a journey , making new friends and probably find love.
RWBY Watches  Deathbattle  by deadpoolmerkwiththem
RWBY Watches Deathbattle by Dead Pool
After defeating the Grimm and capturing Roman Torchwick, RWBY decides to settle down until they discover a mysterious package comes to their front door and it's full of...
DECENT (richie tozier + reader) by _flaminpussysandwich
DECENT (richie tozier + reader)by jinji
"i never thought you'd like a trashmouth" "you just thought" [ lowercase intended ]
The Big Bang Theory Imagines/preferences by Jess-is_a-penguin
The Big Bang Theory Imagines/ My name is
Hello my lil readers and fellow TBBT lovers. I have decided to make another book, as you can see! I will do any guy or girl that you desire, you just gotta tell me:-) Lo...
Willow Academy (Spanking Story) by WillowXWriters
Willow Academy (Spanking Story)by WillowXWriters
Penny and Owen Kherrington are a freshman and a sophomore at the illustrious boarding school, Willow Academy. Unfortunately for them, their three older brothers, Ben, Da...
Stardew Valley OneShots by Bizzbell
Stardew Valley OneShotsby Bizzbell
A small collection of oneshots I made a long time ago during my humble writing beginnings :)
Why would anyone hate you? (Multiverse x child oc) by DarkNarukami112
Why would anyone hate you? ( Dark Narukami
A boy was abused then left on the street because he had zero powers. No quirk. No Sacred Gear. Not even a semblance. This is where Ruby found this little angel and took...
Nature's Medicine by Rowe_Boat_127
Nature's Medicineby i cant engrish
A new change of pace lands Adella in a small peacefully town in Stardew Valley. She inherits her grandfather farm and welcomes this new life with open arms. Unfortunatel...
i always thought i was in love with water, the beach, pool, and the lake. but that was until summer '22, the summer that changed everything. ✩completed✩ ✩other books- st...
Consequences Of Betrayal. by VictorRed22
Consequences Of Victor Flame
I hate Jaune betrayed fic's. So why am i making one. I have no freaking idea. (Short version) Pretty much same shit blah blah blah Cardin blah blah blah! Unoriginal But...
Jaune Rico by Jaunedice
Jaune Ricoby Buster Seven
being the son from Ironwood and Robyn Hill Jaune was born to a world full of pomp. Deciding to become a positive influence to the world be embarks on a journey that will...
Wheels Down in 30 by Dragon_T9
Wheels Down in 30by Lia
" People hurt people all the time Aaron, and sometimes when your life is filled to the brim with hurt, you can't help but wait for things to start fall apart again...
RWBY: I'll Carve My Own Path In This World (RWBY X Male reader) [5] by Yerwot
RWBY: I'll Carve My Own Path In Yerwot
Y/N L/N, a boy like any other, until the Gods send him to another world, the start of his favorite animated series. Armed with knowledge of the future, a weapon on his b...
A Demon in Remnant [RWBY X Male Reader] by Retracer_16
A Demon in Remnant [RWBY X Male Voidlands_55
After you died you got called by the god's of Remnant of your Favorite Anime, RWBY giving you the ability of Immortality and Breathing Techniques It's now been quite lon...