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Jaune Helldiver by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune Helldiverby Jaunedice Forever
After being Fed up with the way the Kingdoms do things the people who wanted something better founded a little city that one day became the Federation. A citizen and asp...
Jaune the Ultimate Lifeform - Shadow the Hedgehog by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune the Ultimate Lifeform - Shad...by Jaunedice Forever
Needing the Ultimate Solution to the Grimm, Ironwood took the Relic of Creation and made his solution in the form of some kind of life form. But unknown to him this is t...
The Golden Lily Cafe by captdynamite
The Golden Lily Cafeby captdynamite
Though Jaune had been expelled, he refused to let it get to him. With his family understanding of his reasons they work with him to help him achieve something small, but...
Universal Arc's by leone_solaris
Universal Arc'sby leone_solaris
The great mysteries of the multiverse and its many possibilities far beyond....... just kidding just wanted to try my own multiverse story
Jaune the Mandalorian by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune the Mandalorianby Jaunedice Forever
After being rejected so many times Jaune has had enough of his dream being looked down upon, but one person believed that he is destined for great things, His Grandfathe...
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into an Arc by MK9Yamato
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into a...by END MY SUFFERING
After dying by the hands of Uldren Sov, Cayde-6 find himself in a new body and on a new planet. How would our famous hunter react to this?
RWBY: I'll Carve My Own Path In This World (RWBY X Male reader) [5] by Yerwot
RWBY: I'll Carve My Own Path In Th...by Yerwot
Y/N L/N, a boy like any other, until the Gods send him to another world, the start of his favorite animated series. Armed with knowledge of the future, a weapon on his b...
Jaune: Boss of Team plasma  by Deltarex2000
Jaune: Boss of Team plasma by Saul Sanchez
After his transcript is revealed by, jaune is bully and call a faker. His friends abandon him and call him cheater, staff won't help him, and his family abandon him and...
Jaune the Jedi Knight by Jaunedice_Forever
Jaune the Jedi Knightby Jaunedice Forever
After Order 66, Jaune a Jedi Sentinel formerly on Guard Duty was able to survive and escape. He made his ay back home to Remnant in the Unknown Regions. He hopes that no...
The force shall set me free  by Epsilon6666
The force shall set me free by Epsilon
When jaunes transcripts are discovered. Everyone at beacon hates him. His team and team rwby turned their backs on him. The staff hates him and everyone at beacon bullie...
Online Friends  by xyrothor
Online Friends by xyrothor
Making friends isn't easy. You need to meet new people, remember to look your best, remember to keep your appearance for your underlings. Online Friends though? That's...
Everknight by goblin1215
Everknightby Sleepy Goblin
He didn't know how this happened. All he can remember was mailing his fake transcript to Beacon Academy. Next thing he knew, he's in the Land of Darkness under the emplo...
A Knight's Destiny by Mothman_connoisseur
A Knight's Destinyby
A betrayed Jaune returns to Remnant as a Titan following an incident with a Vex gate. Read to learn more- Xûr
World Strongest Swordsman (RWBY X Mihawk/Jaune) by Drunken_Crow
World Strongest Swordsman (RWBY X...by Unknown_Narrator
Jaune Arc who dreams to be the strongest swordsman will face many challenges to the top, He will learn new things about the world and face them with a fearless attitude...
The Arc Angel of Honor (Diablo x RWBY) by MK9Yamato
The Arc Angel of Honor (Diablo x R...by END MY SUFFERING
In this fanfic there are 6 Archangels one of them was the archangel of honor. His name was Jaune Arc. In the high heavens a unknown rift sucked in one angles from his po...
When did knights become couriers? by Mothman_connoisseur
When did knights become couriers?by
With the reveal of his transcripts, Jaune immediately became an outcast. His family disowns him and the council demands his removal from the academy. But one night he di...
The Yandere Nikos [Jaune Arc X Yandere!Pyrrha Nikos] by ArcReader_1080
The Yandere Nikos [Jaune Arc X Yan...by ArcReader
Pyrrha Nikos, a warrior and champion girl who were praise by her courage and excellent skill abilities in battle in Sanctum Academy and were popular with the classmates...
Hunters of Vale (RWBY's Jaune Arc X Bloodborne by captdynamite
Hunters of Vale (RWBY's Jaune Arc...by captdynamite
Alone in a field of lumenflowers. A young Jaune Arc awakens in the hunters dream. "Now my great grandson." He stares to see his Great Grandfather, Gerhman Ar...
The Jaune Multiverse by Jaunedice_Forever
The Jaune Multiverseby Jaunedice Forever
Part 1 - Canon RWBY Cast from the Vytal Festival react to All My Versions of their friend and resident Hero Jaune Arc
Arc and Rose of The Republic by KhaizulFrost
Arc and Rose of The Republicby Khairul Afif
Y/N Rose have been bullied by everyone in beacon even her sisters bullied her.She has been abuse by her family that treat her like a punching bag. Jaune Arc who was in l...