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Event Horizon - Male Reader x RWBY Harem by see_ya_later2615171
Event Horizon - Male Reader x nono
Sometimes having all the time in the world, isn't a good thing...sometimes...
We Love You (Paralyzed Male Reader X RWBY HAREM) by QYONNYJ
We Love You (Paralyzed Male JonnyQ
Y/N is paralyzed due to a mission. What happens when the girls of Beacon Academy show him love when there is none shown to him? Will they be able to move him out of his...
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY x Child Male!Dragon Reader) by ShadeAkami
RWBY! Beacon's Baby Dragon (RWBY ShadeAkami
The story's back, I guess. A new year begins at Beacon. The first years have just gone through Initiation and were currently in the middle of the after ceremony when Ozp...
Chainsaw Man in Rwby by Wussup3
Chainsaw Man in Rwbyby Wassup3
This is the first time that I do something like this so go easy on me but by all means give me some advice that I'm probably going to need. So Denji, Power, Aki, and Rez...
The Resonant Ronin (RWBY x Reincarnated! Male Reader) by QuiestcelaVie
The Resonant Ronin (RWBY x Qu’est-ce que la vie?
Y/N L/N had a horrible last few years on Earth with his mother and adoptive sister/fiancé dying back to back. After giving his life to save others, he is presented with...
RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios x Male Reader by xdeadlysmoorex
RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios x Male xdeadlysmoorex
This'll be a book where the reader will go through different scenarios as the partner of some of the girls of RWBY List of girls in this book: Ruby Rose Weiss Schnee ...
Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x Godzilla Faunus Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Remnant's New King: RWBY Harem x ShaNEON_757
This is a crossover story I wanted to do for a while since I am a fan of Godzilla, and for all those fans that is both a RWBY and Godzilla fan. This is a story for you. ...
RWBY X Reader One Shots (Requests Closed) by DevilishMan87
RWBY X Reader One Shots ( Devilish Man 87
Since I am bored and came up with certain ideas I decided to write this. I will write Canon X Reader, Canon X OC, Reader X OC, Canon X Canon, RWBY ships X Reader, can do...
Just One Punch (Velvet Scarlatina X One Punch Man Male Reader) by Zachakai
Just One Punch (Velvet Zachakai
You are the middle child of Taiyang Xiao Long and growing up you were always outpaced by your 2 sisters, even your younger sister Ruby. Though your family did their best...
The Knife of Remnant (Abused Male Assassin x RWBY) by PrimordialPhoenix
The Knife of Remnant (Abused PrimordialPhoenix
Your name is (Y/N) Attano, you are a Faunus and the son of Corvo Attano and Jessamine Kaldwin. Your mother was the empress before she was killed. You were the one who wa...
Big Book of One-Shots (Male Reader x Various Females) by FanFicAdan
Big Book of One-Shots (Male FanFicAdan
Just look at the title. No other explanation needed.
Strength Within (Velvet X Male Reader) by woolington
Strength Within (Velvet X Male woolington
Captured, experimented on, and subjected to painful 'tests' on a daily basis. It's a miracle that you've held on to your sanity for so long. But before the final stage o...
-RWBY Codename: Remnant 47 ( RWBY X Male Hitman Readers)- by CrimsonSnowden
-RWBY Codename: Remnant 47 ( Ryan Zeffrey
HitmanRWBYProduction presents: RWBY Codename: Remnant 47 A RWBY X Hitman Male Readers Novel (An Alternate RWBY Universe) Featuring: Quark Quartz as Agent R47 Ruby Rose W...
An Enraged Saiyan Fury: RWBY Harem x Broly Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
An Enraged Saiyan Fury: RWBY ShaNEON_757
This an idea that I thought of after reading a story that's like this, but this will have a different concept instead of the other one. So, what would happen if the last...
Remnant's Added Defense: RWBY x OC Jaeger Pilots by ShaNEON_757
Remnant's Added Defense: RWBY x ShaNEON_757
This is a story I decided to work on since I love Pacific Rim and also RWBY, so here is a crossover story that I am now working on, and in the Bio I will have options fo...
RWBY: Origins of a Dragon by Asteran1
RWBY: Origins of a Dragonby Asteran1
This story takes place one year before the events of Volume 1 of RWBY. A young Hunter begins his journey at the prestigious Beacon Academy after suffering the loss of so...
Rwby x Gears of War (Velvet x Reader) by Sessylu75
Rwby x Gears of War (Velvet x Sessylu75
I would write a description but that's simply too much of a hassle. This is a rewrite of my other gears story. It will copy some of the themes but I will try to change u...
The True King( Male Reader X RWBY)-Slow Updates by DeadweightClaudius
The True King( Male Reader X RWBY) Nero 'Deadweight' Claudius
(Y/n) (L/n) or also known as (Y/n) Goodwitch, is a second year student from Beacon and a member of team C(Y/I)SN{Default Name: CMSN. Pronounced as Crimson}. He enrolled...
Power Rangers in Remnant (RWBY x Power Rangers Male Reader/OCs by ShaNEON_757
Power Rangers in Remnant (RWBY x ShaNEON_757
This is a story that popped in my head and I'm a big fan of power rangers, ever since I was a kid and I thought of this story for a crossover because I like both RWBY an...