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RWBY x Male Vault Hunter Reader by OmegaEclipse
RWBY x Male Vault Hunter Readerby OmegaEclipse
After the Eridian wars on Pandora. The former Vault Hunters settled down to live their lives. This is the tale of (Y/N) Springs, the son of Athena and Janey Springs. Be...
[On Rewrite] Limitless (RWBY x Male reader) by ooga_booga16
[On Rewrite] Limitless (RWBY x Unga Bunga
So if you watch Mob psycho, yea this is basically it. Your kinda like Mob, but cooler. The story will take place in volume 5 of the show, so it's a major time skip. This...
A New World (Male reader×Rwby harem) by fidemori
A New World (Male reader×Rwby ~Yuuta~
Y/N L/N was an ordinary boy living on Earth, maybe somewhat ordinary. Until a group of troublesome girl appear out of nowhere, and more turn his life upside down. Y/N's...
Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x Abused male reader) by MFC4Graafschap
Black Like Deep Water (RWBY x MFC 4
On a stormy night, a child was born in the Belladonna family. His name was (Y/N). But once his parents saw him, one thing was missing for them: the physical features of...
 A Prince Of A Forgotten Kingdom (RWBY X Male Reader) by Bluesword44
A Prince Of A Forgotten Kingdom ( Bluesword44
You are the son of Noctis and Lunafreya and have powers like your dad nuff said. This is my first story so sorry if it's bad. Also some tips All rights goes to rooster t...
Killer Queen That's What I Call My Semblance (RWBY x Male Yoshikage Kira Reader) by WriterblockIssues
Killer Queen That's What I Call SomeNerdbitch
Y/N Belladonna has a semblance called Killer Queen and his semblance will get him to his dream....his dream to becoming a Hunter in Vale
RWBY Male Reader x Weiss insert (Vol. 2) by TwilightPrince4285
RWBY Male Reader x Weiss insert ( Isostormgamer 558
You are (Y/N) Ozpin, the son of the Headmaster of Beacon Academy. You and your friends are back from break for the beginning of 2nd semester. 1st semester was actually p...
Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male Conduit Reader) by SuperJediWizardDude
Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male I’m Fuckin’ DandyMan
Remnant is said to be experiencing a time of peace, though the huntsmen and huntresses of the world fight another threat, one just as dangerous as Grimm. For generations...
lost star. ( reboot of star wars male reader x rwby. by darkjayfeather2
lost star. ( reboot of star wars A is being put to rest as the...
order 66 wiped ut almost all the jedi, almost. one jedi lands on a new world when his hyper drive is shot down during an attack. this jedi is only a padawan. his name is...
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Elyion22
Bury The Light (Male Faunus! GUN PARK
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
RWBY: King Kong - The Soul of the Grimm (Male! Kong! Reader x Ruby Rose) by NotGonnaSayMahNaym
RWBY: King Kong - The Soul of No Name
Ruby has heard word of a beast in the Emerald Forest. Through a strange series of events, she finds the beast of the forest: Kong! Stuck with the beast, and with no way...
Zero to Hero by QuiestcelaVie
Zero to Heroby Qu’est-ce que la vie?
When a powerless individual is sent as a transfer student to one of the top hero academies in the world, what happens? Series used: RWBY, My Hero Academia, Highschool DxD
RWBY: Detective Pikachu by NotGonnaSayMahNaym
RWBY: Detective Pikachuby No Name
When she was young, Ruby Rose had a friend named (Y/N) (L/N). They were close friends, and even started dating. However, they had different visions of their futures: (Y...
"The Golden Eyes"- RWBY X Male Reader by Shawn_D_Dawn
"The Golden Eyes"- RWBY X Male Shawn
I love rwby so much so I'm like why don't i give it a go
When Titans Fall (RWBY x M! Titan Pilot Reader) by SuperJediWizardDude
When Titans Fall (RWBY x M! I’m Fuckin’ DandyMan
(Y/N) (L/N) is a 6-4 pilot once allied with the SRS Marauder Corps. After an "incident," he left the Militia, searching to protect the Frontier on his own term...
RWBY (Summer x Reader) by Sessylu75
RWBY (Summer x Reader)by Sessylu75
Y/N Schnee was the first child of the Schnee family, but like his sisters to come he would be one of the first to be move away from his family to Vale against their wish...
RWBY: Singular Point (Male! Godzilla! Reader x Weiss Schnee) [DISCONTINUED] by NotGonnaSayMahNaym
RWBY: Singular Point (Male! No Name
(Y/N) (L/N) is a strange faunus with no memories of his past. When Professor Ozpin allows him to attend Beacon Academy, he will have to work with his new teammates to fi...
RWBY: The Resonant Rōnin (Discontinued) by QuiestcelaVie
RWBY: The Resonant Rōnin ( Qu’est-ce que la vie?
Y/N de León had a horrible last few months on Earth with his mother and adoptive sister/wife dying back to back. After giving his life to save others, he is presented wi...
I'm on top of the World: (RWBY X Male Reader) by Goomba1914
I'm on top of the World: (RWBY X Goomba1960
This story Follows the Journey of (Y/N)(L/N) A boy transported to Remnant By the Four Maidens Who Granted (Y/N) A variety of weapons, magic, and Spells. Until he meet a...
Rwby meets Skaven by Killer65778monk
Rwby meets Skavenby Killer65778monk
The World of RWBY meets the Skaven. Mostly taken from the Warhammer Fandom Wiki. May turn into a Harem, but I don't know for now.