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Day Dreams ~[Sequel to 'Nightmares']~ by SnowIsRandom
Day Dreams ~[Sequel to ' SnowIsRandom
As a young girl with her whole life ahead of you, being forced to marry and be nothing more than a housewife was never part of your plans. With the gift of a beautiful v...
Beginnings ➣ Monroe [1] by -jxsperhxle
Beginnings ➣ Monroe [1]by ❃ Ashley ❃
❝ one of the most beautiful things in life is a new beginning. ❞ [ GRIMM SEASON ONE : BOOK ONE ] [ I ONLY OWN ISABELLE KESSLER ]
Grimm Summoning System by jdjdgdjsjsy
Grimm Summoning Systemby Greg
A man with a gift from outside the world of remnant. return to life as a no named boy living in a village. [Quest: a harvester is born deep inside your village water sys...
Becoming Grimm (Sean Renard) {1} by bluerosewaterfall
Becoming Grimm (Sean Renard) {1}by bluerosewaterfall
Angela Burkhardt and her twin brother Nick Burkhardt are Portland homicide detectives. They discover their family is descended from a long line of "Grimms" who...
Another one bites the dust.(Male Grimm King Reader x RWBY) by AndromedaQuilt
Another one bites the dust.(Male
stone... candles... cold so very...cold. how far can I go...? But power can de devastating. This is my first story to please leave helpful advice if you can😅 (Cover isn...
Battle Scars (Yang x Male Reader) RWBY Vol. 1 by Darkdragon647
Battle Scars (Yang x Male Reader) Super Soldier
You are Adam Taurus' twin brother. You and your brother Adam both grew up in an abusive household which eventually led you and your brother to join the White Fang. The t...
The Captain's Wife by NegansWarrior
The Captain's Wifeby NegansWarrior
I've grown to love the tv show called 'Grimm', my favorite characters are: Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin, Monroe, Rosalee, Juliette, Captain Renard and Bud. This story wi...
Neil Schade The beast by Night_Watcher22
Neil Schade The beastby Ghost Wolf
Adalind's older brother Neil is a male hexion beast, he is also a member of the resistance. He gets sent on a mission to protect someone, but what will happen when thing...
RWBY team COMBAT by johnmr01
RWBY team COMBATby johnmr01
When five guy meet each other and find out their all bin kicked out unwanted and a nobody but when they work together they are a unstoppable team that nobody can stop an...
Ruby's Surveyor by Bravenwolf1324
Ruby's Surveyorby Bravenwolf1324
"It all started when Headmaster Ozpin came to our house, he said he had some bad news for us. He...he said that mom wasn't coming back. I was sad. Yang was sad, eve...
The Grimm In A Wolf Pack || Teen Wolf x Grimm Story-Season 1 (OC story) by MartyMcMe1
The Grimm In A Wolf Pack || Teen ThunderHeart
This is sort of a Grimm x Teen Wolf story. If you have not watched Grimm (another series) before, I'll explain. A Grimm is basically someone who can see monsters, or in...
Nectar of Vengeance (Cheater RWBY x Male Vampire OC) by FanficMayhem
Nectar of Vengeance (Cheater FanficMayhem
Cruelly betrayed by his lovers, witness the twisted fate of Night Rune after a murder attempt on him gone wrong. RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth.
(Hiatus?)Drawn to the Fire (Grimmchild Male Reader x RWBY) by TheLegendaryBush
(Hiatus?)Drawn to the Fire ( A Bush
Shadows dream of endless fire, Flames devour and embers swoop, One will light the Nightmare Lantern, Call and serve in Grimm's dead Troupe. A spark of red lights darkest...
A New Perspective: The Blind Faith (Blind reader x RWBY) by corkykong
A New Perspective: The Blind Corky
Within the land of remnant, there are many tales, and stories. Stories that speak of the heroic deeds of others, and tales that describe what lurks in the night. But the...
The King Of Ice(R,B&Y x Schnee!malereader) by ShadowSans_69
The King Of Ice(R,B&Y x Schnee! ShadowSans
Born to the wealthy Schnee family Y/n was subjected to a life of perfection,but when his powers reflected how different he truly was from the rest he was shunned and for...
Remnants Light: A forgotten Guardian (Destiny X RWBY) by corkykong
Remnants Light: A forgotten Corky
In the land of Remnant; Many tales are told and even more are forgotten. Some about hunters, and their glory, and others about what lurks in the dark. One tale inparticu...
A Hero in Remnant? (RWBY x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
A Hero in Remnant? (RWBY x Izuku Tired Boi
Grimms,Huntsmen or Huntresses,Semblance,Aura and Maidens exists in this planet called Remnant...but have you ever heard of Heroes? Suddenly a green light dropped from th...
Child of Grimm by loveacting
Child of Grimmby loveacting
A human child raised by Grimm. Until one day a woman reaches out claiming to be her mother.
Safe: A Nick Burkhardt Love Story by Kylee0913
Safe: A Nick Burkhardt Love Storyby KyleeBug09
The Guardian (The Grimm fanfic)  by Belleofthenyt18
The Guardian (The Grimm fanfic) by Maybz_Yanne
~ Seven knights. Seven Grimms. Sacrificed their lives to keep the keys safe, and the powerful, but dangerous treasure hidden. For centuries, their descendants have conti...