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The Banished Guardian by Gry167
The Banished Guardianby Gry167
Gryphon Light... An old Guardian that's been around since the Traveller's first contact with humanity. Killed permanently once before, but resurrected by a compassionat...
Ruby's Surveyor by Bravenwolf1324
Ruby's Surveyorby Bravenwolf1324
"It all started when Headmaster Ozpin came to our house, he said he had some bad news for us. He...he said that mom wasn't coming back. I was sad. Yang was sad, eve...
Remnants Light: A forgotten Guardian (Destiny X RWBY) by corkykong
Remnants Light: A forgotten Corky
In the land of Remnant; Many tales are told and even more are forgotten. Some about hunters, and their glory, and others about what lurks in the dark. One tale inparticu...
MHA Guardians Destiny [Up for adoption] by Cadjtf4
MHA Guardians Destiny [Up for The writer hero: Cad
After a walk in the forest Izuku finds a downed spaceship with black and green flames surrounding it. Izuku approaches the ship to learn of another solar system with ano...
Sunlit Love - Cayde-6 X Reader [COMPLETED] by Shinosswifee
Sunlit Love - Cayde-6 X Reader [ I am in love with anime guys
I didn't put any forsaken details into it because i'm literally going to cry. I'm not good at this shizen but i'm trying. Cover made by: me ...
Remnants by Goldengun2002
Remnantsby The Gunslinger
The War between the light and the dark is over, though the toll was great. The moon shattered, planets decimated, and the continents of Earth reshaped. Many hundreds of...
Fate Grand order: Taken Force  by Holy-Thunderer
Fate Grand order: Taken Force by Holy
Guardian's. Chosen of the Traveler, Defenders of Earth in the Near Future Fallen, Hive, Taken, Cabal and the Vex. Enemies to Humanity and Allies to the Darkness. You a...
The Wandering Guardian by LuckyAceHigh
The Wandering Guardianby LuckyAceHigh
"Who says we control the destiny of those below us? No, for destiny and fate is not something you can control. For it's them that make their own fate."- Archon...
Rising of the Titan hero. by Blurgman
Rising of the Titan Blurgman
AU where Naofumi is the main character of Destiny and is a titan and is sent into Melacromarc with two other fire team members. I own absolutely nothing.
The Wildcard of UA ( Destiny 2 cayde 6 x Bnha ) by rex103rex
The Wildcard of UA ( Destiny 2 rex103rex
What if After cayde 6 was killed by Uldren Sov he was sent to A Different world One full of Heroes, Villains, Powers and More how Will This Exo react to it but his mort...
cayde 6 x male guardin 18+ by ShyLeopard
cayde 6 x male guardin 18+by Shy Leopard
It cayde x male it fan made and also sexual contect too If any one don't like this u don't have to read it Also it 18+ if u are not 18 or older I don't want yall get in...
Destiny Oneshots by MaybeMnWrites
Destiny Oneshotsby May
Oneshots for the game Destiny since I'm obsessed. It might be a little off or OOC but I really wanted to write some stuff for my little destiny crushes * Characters Incl...
A guardians journey to DxD (on Hold) by Thomas234452
A guardians journey to DxD (on Just here guy
A titan found a strange vex portal on Europe that will soon lead to the DxD universe I DONT OWN SHIT
Light, Stasis, and Ice by TheKazooBirb
Light, Stasis, and Iceby TheKazooBirb
After a scouting mission gone wrong, Guardian Rick Anderson crashes into a new world. With his ship out of working order, he surveys the world, wondering where the hell...
Warrior Scholar RWBY/Destiny Crossover by I1IFrostyI1I
Warrior Scholar RWBY/Destiny Cole-3/Frosty
Main Story of The Warrior Scholar Male Exo Warlock Volume. 1 - Completed A Warlock under the name YN-3 is sent to an unknown cave that mysteriously opened up, with an an...
A Destined Operator by LuckyAceHigh
A Destined Operatorby LuckyAceHigh
"I keep having these visions as if I was destined for something. If so god help me." - Seraph Seraph was a student from a Caster school that has been experienc...
Robotic branwen ( cayde 6 readerXrwby)Complete by shoeatrings
Robotic branwen ( cayde 6 shoeatrings
Your are Yn Branwen or at least use to be.
A Guardians Heart (Warlock x Male Reader) by ETGxPhantom
A Guardians Heart (Warlock x Noble
A Destiny 2 FanFic of a Female Awoken Warlock x Male Human Reader. The guardian the story focuses on is not the your main protagonist from the game itself, more of a bac...
Destiny: The New Light by Natedogg8393
Destiny: The New Lightby Natedogg8393
A guardian awakens in a war zone. Chaos ensues. [Based on Destiny the Game. Destiny is Not Owned By Me. Full ownership of the game creation, logo, and any other relation...
i rise( bullied maler reader x rwby) by altra-spartan-13
i rise( bullied maler reader x
all my life ive been beaten,hurt,bullied,harassed,......... murderd and ive had enough of it I wanted to be hero a huntsman but that not what i want or who i am going t...