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Ex-Doctor Of Rhodes Island by zero252
Ex-Doctor Of Rhodes Islandby Zero
The Doctor of Rhodes Island is a good man, but even good men can be broken. He tried to endure the loneliness and resentment, but his patience and goodwill ran dry. Fol...
Rhodes Island's Psychologist by Jaqqy10
Rhodes Island's Psychologistby Jaqqy10
Lin Yie, someone that love animal dies and got the misfortune of being transported to Terra, a place full of crazy wizard terrorist and superpower giving rocks but with...
The Double Agent of Lungmen by Ochre_
The Double Agent of Lungmenby Ochre
"Your mission is to infiltrate the Reunion Movement and provide intel to the LGD." - Ch'en. Xiu Xian, an isekaid individual who inexplicably ended up in the L...
Arknights: Living the Dream by ytvisee
Arknights: Living the Dreamby ytvisee
Every night I lay in bed, I like to imagine myself in another world. The world I most find myself in is Terra, the world of Arknights. I always find myself dreaming of t...
The Sword Saint of Arknights [MTL/Machine Translation] by Horaxen
The Sword Saint of Arknights [ J0omd
【OOC】 Roy, 24 years old, is a police officer. After crossing over, he arrived in what seemed to be a futuristic world. Here, there were various humanoids with animal-lik...
A Foreigner's Chat Group by IdleYoungMaster
A Foreigner's Chat Groupby IdleYoungMaster
A/N: This is the 1~200 chapters. You can find the rest here: ***** The Supreme Magus, one...
The Juggernaut by Spectee
The Juggernautby Specter
The Juggernaut. Never a name, never a word. To some, they are a demon. To others, they're a angel sent from above. The only words The Juggernaut speaks... "The smel...
Hell Or High Water (Escape From Tarkov + Arknights) by Memphis_2004
Hell Or High Water (Escape From Memphis
As an USEC operator who caught himself in the midst of chaotic events, the attempt to escape from the city of Tarkov for him have failed. However instead of joining crow...
Bloodlust by Densetsuzoku
Bloodlustby Tannhauser
• Arknights X Male reader • The battle between Rhodes Island and Reunion has not yet settled. as the battle between two sides got fiercer, Reunion decided to attack an i...
The Story of Zhang by TwizZy_ToOn
The Story of Zhangby Twizzy Toon
Ch'en has a child as a single mother. However, she immediately realizes the problems of keeping a city stable and parenting a son at the same time. Can she manage it?
The 100 Operators Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really love you by fraaqac
The 100 Operators Who Really, fraaqac
The Doctor is supposed to be an almighty being that has a plan for everything and whole lot of other titles. However, none of them fit with a guy named Ashura, who was a...
Division Agent Arknights Story by Kayto2538
Division Agent Arknights Storyby Kayto2538
Yes this is an Isekai fanfic. I love playing the division and I enjoy the Arknights game. Both share a similar story to where there's no hope unless you fight for it. So...
A Past that Haunts a Future by BrandonJames202
A Past that Haunts a Futureby Crow X
When your own Half Brother betrays your country and betrays you, convincing everyone you knew; even the one you cared about that your a murderer, through malicious means...
Arknights : Eyes Of The Six Paths by KamenRideEVOL
Arknights : Eyes Of The Six Pathsby Dissapointment
"I never would have expected to be sent to another world when i died... I kinda expected going to hell since no way my ass gonna get to heaven, but hey i'm not comp...
Nice! ( Caring Evil Male reader x Multiverse ) by MCijam
Nice! ( Caring Evil Male reader Dokutah MCijam
Me? The strongest human you will ever see. You can call me y/n. Don't expect me to save random people. I'm not a hero or villain. I'm am myself. Author: All pictures are...
Is It Wrong For An Orca To Be In A Dungeon? by OrerionAki
Is It Wrong For An Orca To Be In Kanrisha
A soul of a boy who has amnesia wakes up in the body of a Girl after meeting a deity Updates: Whenever Best Rankings: #1 in Amid- July 5, 2022 #1 in Skadi- August 15, 20...
"Goodbye Curly Head" by NUmaker
"Goodbye Curly Head"by NUmaker
Through thick and thin the Law shall prevail. A new sense of purpose awaits us, children of light, in the land where it all began. The darkness in which we once cowered...
jacket wrath (hotline miami x arknights) by 410Jackass
jacket wrath (hotline miami x bucketman
jacket was transported to another world called terra, he must fight not only rhodes island but renunion
The Saintess and the God (God! Male Reader X Pramanix X Harem) by Shin_Kuro
The Saintess and the God (God! ֆɨʟɛռȶ ɢɦօʊʟ
The Adventure of the Tsundere God and his Saintess.