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Arknights: My Special Investigator Partner Can't Be This Cute [OC X Ch'en]  by TheLazyYu
Arknights: My Special Yu
Though i am just lowkey journalist, i was tasked to head towards Lungmen City to conduct a special interview to a investigator. But i didn't realize that this is the sta...
Illusive | Tim Bradford by fineline981
Illusive | Tim Bradfordby hayley
In which a detective asks to return to patrol work, the reason unknown to anyone. Madison "Maddy" Hale was a detective. She graduated the academy with Tim Bra...
    Give and Take🔞🔞🔞Complete by ShayKhitYaung
Give and Take🔞🔞🔞Completeby ShayKhitYaung
+++++ အခန်းတွေပါမှာမို့ ဖတ်ဖို့အဆင်မပြေတဲ့သူများပြန်လှည့်သွားကြပါ အသက်မပြည့်သေးတဲ့ကလေးတွေမဖတ်ကြဖို့မေတ္တာရပ်ခံပါတယါ
♡*☼ 𝓛𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 A̷g̷a̷i̷n̷s̷t̷  Ɗαɾƙ ✶‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ by GoldenIShadow
♡*☼ 𝓛𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 A̷g̷a̷i̷n̷s̷t̷ Ɗαɾ Golden*Shadow
This about a Girl named Crystal. Recruited by Master Wu she joined a team with Seven Others with the Team's well-known Snake. Join Crystal, Styx, Lloyd...
Lego Ninjago x Inosuke male reader by oranged1
Lego Ninjago x Inosuke male readerby
you are the master of animals and you keep to yourself in the woods but then you receive a letter inviting you to a tournament of elements. You accept and while you're t...
Reborn to love [LK] by Cutieluv_Lily
Reborn to love [LK]by ★릴리★
Book cover credits to: @xvioxen Synopsis "So what do you want?" Kim Lalisa quickly glanced at Jeon Jungkook's face and frowned. Why did he look familiar? Wher...
Bent Fate (An Arknights Fanfiction) by JustAnotherDokutah
Bent Fate (An Arknights Fanfiction)by JustAnotherDokutah
Doctor Y/N is one of the leaders of Rhodes Island, specializing in commanding his operators in battle. After an unexpected outcome on Lungmen, the war Rhodes Island had...
BROTHERS by kid.
Kim ara is blessed or cursed with seven older brothers who are extremely over protective of her. When everyone treat her as their beloved baby sister , her twin brother...
Legendary Gangsters and Mafia Princesses [COMPLETED] by missingshippy
Legendary Gangsters and Mafia ligaya
NOT EDITED! FIRST DRAFT! ... PHOTOS AND RESOURCES CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER Photos and resources used for the bc aren't mine.
«One Mind»  (Ninjago x Reader) by Yinzy_Banana
«One Mind» (Ninjago x Reader)by Yinzy_Banana
"Give me all your candy!" Was the moment when first you meet them. "How long will you go?" Was the last word you heard from them. What if (Y/n) come...
Always You || A Chenford AU by staretothesea
Always You || A Chenford AUby ~ Freya ~
What if Tim and Lucy met before they worked together?? Would their relationship/partnership/TO and boot-ship change a lot?
the talk (chenford) by kkkenzi3
the talk (chenford)by kenzie
tw: rape, violence and alot of detailed sexual scenes described....
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Arknights - Ground Zero by ShadowPixels
Arknights - Ground Zeroby ShadowPixels
The Doctor wakes after having his life saved by Rhode Island. Upon waking up he has a change of heart and begins change for Rhode Island operations.
Never Leaving Your Side -|| Lloyd X Reader||- by Rozsune
Never Leaving Your Side -|| Rozsune
I love you and will never leave your side. Anyone can try to separate us, but I will fight. A hissing laugh to a jealous rage. Nothing can make me leave you and I will f...
Mulan: Princess Lian Love Story by BiancaEvans2
Mulan: Princess Lian Love Storyby LegolasG5*
You have all heard of Mulan. But did you know that there was another woman pretending to be a man in the Imperial Army? No. Well you are about to meet her and follow her...
/Дууссан/ 👑 KINGS 🔹 S6 👑 [⚜️ Two Faced 🎭] by ShureeOXEXO326
/Дууссан/ 👑 KINGS 🔹 S6 👑 [⚜️ 🌸OXEXO~Baekee🌸
KINGS өгүүллэгийн 6-р бүлэг эхэллээ. . .
Bent Fate (An Arknights Fanfiction): The Doctor's Personal Strike Group by JustAnotherDokutah
Bent Fate (An Arknights JustAnotherDokutah
As Rhodes Island continues its course throughout Terra, the Doctor and his D.S.G. continues to set out on multiple field missions, carrying the will of Rhodes Island. A...
The unquiet mind of Chenford by RomyEllen1234
The unquiet mind of Chenfordby RomyEllen1234
My first ever fanfiction so feedback is much appreciated! This story describes the thought process of Lucy and Tim. From their first kiss to them going undercover and s...
Chenford Tim and Lucy One shots - Requests Welcome by capricornp
Chenford Tim and Lucy One capricornp
ONGOING: UPDATES ARE INTERMITTENT Beware: I read over every chapter a few times before I post it, but there will always be a few errors which I will miss. Please feel f...