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Chenford one-shots by StormyMatter
Chenford one-shotsby StormyMatter
Cute little one shots of Chenford. Pretty fast updates, but I'd love to hear your ideas on what I should do next. The more ideas I get the more I update so.
Engaged by nottakenusersvd
Engagedby :)
What if chenford was engaged when Lucy was a rookie. I do not own any of these characters! (THIS IS A FANFICTION)(also if you came up with this idea first, please let m...
Chris abusing Lucy by chenford333
Chris abusing Lucyby #Chenford
Chris is abusing Lucy and the others found out
Officer Chen, do you copy? by TheRookieFanFicts
Officer Chen, do you copy?by the rookie x
Tim and Lucy have obvious tension and when Lucy decides to push her luck what will happen? x
Saving Lucy by brookeso1997
Saving Lucyby brookeso1997
What will Lucy do? Emmett has her trapped, her daughter needs her. But her heart is with a certain TO with blue eyes. When will she have enough? What happens when Tim f...
Kingsley Private School (Chenford) by TheRookieFanFicts
Kingsley Private School (Chenford)by the rookie x
Chenford fan fict~ This fanfict is about a shy girl who gets accepted into a fancy private school. The captain of the football team catches her eye... The same guy is al...
Undiscovered protégé  by iheartcopshows
Undiscovered protégé by iheartcopshows
Everyone was convinced after Caleb's death that with Rosalind still in prison, that this would be the end of her killings. But Rosalind is a calculated woman, who knew s...
Altruism | Part One : Trust by ScarlettSinger
Altruism | Part One : Trustby ScarlettSinger
"Let me be your light at the end of the tunnel" - Ana Cabrera Ana Cabrera is a Cuban immigrant. She lives in a three bedroom apartment with her grandparents an...
always almost by H3llflower
always almostby H3llflower
Takes place after tim and Lucy in the fight and season 6. There will be some skips in time, but I hope you will enjoy it, go to the first thing I published for the story...
Tell Him I Love Him by girlintotv
Tell Him I Love Himby Victoria
Lucy is pulled into a long-term UC assignment without having a chance to say goodbye to Tim. How do they manage the time apart? How will their relationship be affected? ...
The Rookie Co-Parents by savannah349955
The Rookie Co-Parentsby therookieatories
Detective Chen and Sergeant Bradford have a 14 year old son. Once Bradford starts dating after their divorce his son doesn't take it well.
What if  by chenfordstories
What if by chenfordstories
What if Lucy never left Chris, he became abusive, she didn't tell anyone Tw rape abuse
Lucy goes into a coma by therookiestories272
Lucy goes into a comaby therookiestories272
Lucy is severely injured whilst out on patrol with Tim. Despite Tim's efforts to help her, she ends up going into a coma and when she wakes up, everything is very differ...
The rookie fanfic by StormyMatter
The rookie fanficby StormyMatter
Lucy and Nolan become T.O.'s and there are new rookies. I'm not good at description just read the story thanks.
The Rookie Highschool by savannah349955
The Rookie Highschoolby therookieatories
Lucy and her friend group starts high-school. Accompanied by her bully and the popular friend group. How will she handle this big change? How will she handle the bully...
enemies to lovers (Chenford AU)   by Th3babyflash
enemies to lovers (Chenford AU) by Rookiezz
Tim and Lucy have a strong hatred for each other. But, when Lucy has no place to live, Nyla recommends she go with Tim. Will she take the chance or will she find somewhe...
FINE LINE - T. BRADFORD by EstellaNovella
FINE LINE - T. BRADFORDby EstellaNovella
"You sunshine, you temptress" Tim Bradford x OC (Season 1 - 4x01)
Snappin' One, Two, Three by ScarlettSinger
Snappin' One, Two, Threeby ScarlettSinger
"You could've gotten someone killed!" "But not you" "What?!" "You wouldn't have been killed." Sadie Brooke is loyal. Once you ent...
Secret daughter  by indyxxp
Secret daughter by indyxxp
Lucy secretly has a kid. But when something happens the secret comes out.