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Two Halves Make a Whole - Yang x Reader x Ruby - RWBY by see_ya_later2615171
Two Halves Make a Whole - Yang x nono
Y/N hates being at Beacon Academy, and he hates almost everyone who inhabits it, so what is it about Team RWBY that makes him not want to leave?
Darkness Over Remnant-Male Reader X RWBY (Sequel To King Of The Grimm) by Legitfnafshipper
Darkness Over Remnant-Male FandomGuY
It's been 3 years since the Fall of Beacon. The students and teachers of the lost school have banded together to fight this new threat. But Y/N has something planned for...
Crimson Eyed Beast ( RWBY Harem x Overpowered Male Reader) (Slow Updates) by chancegunnett
Crimson Eyed Beast ( RWBY Harem Who-Else-But-Discord
My Magnum Opus, a mixture of cliches, emotion, edginess, and love. Not to mention forth wall breaks, God I love fourth wall breaks. Basically, you were a normal human...
Bury The Light (Male Faunus!Vergil!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos) by Elyion22
Bury The Light (Male Faunus! MAJIMA KENSETSU
(title says it all!) Disclaimer:I don't own anything here!
Penance (RWBY x Abused Male Reader) by ComradeKavinsky
Penance (RWBY x Abused Male Reader)by TheMLGNoob
I do not own the cover picture or RWBY. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth. CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT You guys are probably familiar with the abused male reader bit. Those fanf...
Friend or Foe | Raven Branwen X Reader by LtGreenie
Friend or Foe | Raven Branwen X LtGreenie
(Y/N) Brutus was a hitman, and the best at what he does. Raven Branwen is a huntress-to-be with an immense secret. What happens when these entirely different people, mee...
Reaper Of Remnant Volume 1 (A RWBY Fanfic) by Technodude168
Reaper Of Remnant Volume 1 (A Technodude168
Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY! Obviously. Ozpin and Salem have been battling each other for countless centuries. During that time, all kinds of Grimm have come and gone...
You Can Be Damn Sure I'll Avenge It (Abused Neglected Male Reader x RWBY )  by MicMalHamilton
You Can Be Damn Sure I'll Avenge MicMal Hamilton
(Y/N) Xiao Long had it rough. Trapped in the cave he called a room and living with the abusive assholes he is compelled to call 'family'. Years after ditching the hell h...
The Silver Peacock (RWBY x male peacock faunus reader) by MineHard444
The Silver Peacock (RWBY x male MineHard444
(Y/N) (L/N) had a cruel life. After losing his parents during a grimm attack and discovering his powers, he had to survive as a thief in Mistral, hiding in the lowest le...
Little Ms.Rose (Hiatus) by Dabi100
Little Ms.Rose (Hiatus)by Dabi100
After being rejected by her crush Weiss, Ruby runs off to get her mind off things. But, gets abducted by Roman, by whom she gets tortured for months. By the time she fi...
(Cinder x Male Reader) Burning For You by The_Blade_Dancer
(Cinder x Male Reader) Burning The_Blade_Dancer
Something I just came up with. #1 in cinderfall 9-2-18 Disclaimer: I don't own Rwby or any of the art used for this story.
Frozen Flame (Male Child Reader X adoptive mother Cinder) by ChrisReiniger
Frozen Flame (Male Child Reader Shadow Nexus
Good or evil. Life or death. Light or dark. Living or dying. None of those mattered to (y/n). For as long as he could remember he never really felt anything for anyone...
(Discontinued) Actions, Not Words (RWBY Neopolitan x Mute Male Reader) by MinusDark
(Discontinued) Actions, Not Minus
There's always those who suffer in silence, wether that silence is their own choice or a disability life gave them simply depends on the person. Of course, that doesn't...
Lost In Time (Abused Schnee Male Reader x RWBY Harem) by PrimordialPhoenix
Lost In Time (Abused Schnee Male PrimordialPhoenix
This story was requested by @Brave_Vesperia, feel free to DM me if you have any ideas, I am always open to see what I can do with new ideas! Pain, that's all I have felt...
Eye of the Moon Plan in RWBY by Kiyone-Chan
Eye of the Moon Plan in RWBYby AyanoChibi
A boy who cursed the world for its harshness and hated the cruel reality he lives in, unlike everyone else who is living happy lives with money, love and safe from what...
Welcome to Earth  by Ninjacomix
Welcome to Earth by Ninjacomix
its was another normal day for Y/n as he went back to his house as he lives alone since his parents......passed and since he didn't have many friends in school he doesn...
The Umbrella Of Beacon (male oc x rwby) by Shisui_Uchiha_Sato
The Umbrella Of Beacon (male oc insanity-kun
what happens when an extremely trained professional goes to school
In Her Final Thoughts [RWBY x Fem!Reader] by queen_chess_piece
In Her Final Thoughts [RWBY x queen_chess_piece
Your team. Killed. Your family. Killed. So what did you do to be in Cinder's final thoughts?
Love or Loyalty by Darel114
Love or Loyaltyby Darel114
Y/N Fall, cinder's little brother was sent to infiltrate beacon, his mission? blend in with the other students and collect as much information as possible. but as he int...
Just One Punch [One Punch Man Male Reader X RWBY Harem] by stevethealbino
Just One Punch [One Punch Man stevethealbino
(Y/n) (L/n) had crossed Remnant looking for a challenge to his amazing power, however when he arrives in Vale and meets a group of girls who promise him the chance to fi...