Account: Xx_BlueEcho_xX

Number_Of_Users: 2

User 1: BlueEcho AKA Blue

Role: Creator of Account, Author

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Father: DIO

Half Brother: Giorno Giovanna

Mother: Unknown

Uncle: The Doomslayer (brother to Blue's mother)

Cousin: Adam

Uncle/Second Father: Jonathan Joestar

Relatives: The Joestar Family

Likes: Ice cream, Games, Anime, Ice Cream, Football (Soccer If you're American), Family, Friends, Other Desserts, Ice cream, Food, Hugs, Sleeping

Dislikes: Spiders, Needles, Heights, Death, people he knows Argueing, Racism, People shouting at him, Being alone

Personality: Innocent, Kind, Hilarious, Quick, Quiet, Sometimes Childish

Dense Level: Yes

Height: 5' that short?

Looks: Unavailable

Status: Single.....and it will stay like that- Adam

User 2: Adam

Role: Co-Author

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Cousin: Blue

Other family: Unknown

Error, information based on this individual are either missing or destroyed. Only remnant of information have been recovered

Likes: Ice Cream, Food, Girls. Football. Error: Missing Information

Dislikes: People attempting to corrupt the boi AKA Blue. Error: remaining information Missing

Personality: Hilarious, Slightly Perverted but has standards. Error: Remaining Information Missing

Dense Level: -9000

Height: Don't worry

Looks: Unavailable

Status:......Single.......but available
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Adam: Alright I'm doneEcho: With what?Adam: I taught Blue all about that side of love and respectBlack: Oh shit, you actually did itEcho: Well? How did it go?Adam: Good news is his Rizz Level is...
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