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Her domain: A Slugterra Story by LowkeyPrettyHigh
Her domain: A Slugterra Storyby Annabelle
"You can't do this to me?! I made you this! I MADE you who you are!" For once the shamrock glow in her eyes shone unfamiliar to him. She wasn't the same old da...
Slugterra: Sling, Slug, and Smash by mhaandn1nt3nd0fan
Slugterra: Sling, Slug, and Smashby Nintendo Mha fan
The final war is over. UA has won. Tomura Shigaraki is no more. All that's left of him is Tenko Shimura. But the adventures of Izuku and Tenko are far from over. Join Iz...
Dʀ. Bʟᴀᴋᴋ's 𝗱𝗮𝘂g𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿||𝗦𝗹𝘂𝗴𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗿𝗮 by Lizzy_Laiz
Dʀ. Bʟᴀᴋᴋ's 𝗱𝗮𝘂g𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿||𝗦𝗹�...by Lᴀɪᴢ❤︎
Light and Dark colliding in one human. The balance unnaturally perfect. Bad that she's the daughter of the worst man in Slugterra.. Does she really has his temper? Is he...
The Shadow Slinger! by goldheart48
The Shadow Slinger!by Goldheart48
There is a tale of a young girl who has been protecting Slugterra alongside Will Shane. But when Will Shane disappeared, she vowed vengeance on Doctor Blakk for what he...
Alexander Shane [Eli's younger sister] *editing* by ARA_Affinity
Alexander Shane [Eli's younger sis...by ARA
Alexander Shane is the younger sister of Eli Shane by two years and their mother swears that if she didn't give birth to them she would swear they were twins. After a fe...
Beyond What's Known by CyanSparks
Beyond What's Knownby CyanSparks
Doctor Blakk is gone and his ghouls are cured, but the Shane Gang's journey is just beginning. Everything the slingers think they know begins to crumble when the impossi...
Slugterra - The Darkfurnas  by PyroTheDarkfurnas
Slugterra - The Darkfurnas by PyroTheFailure
The Shane Gang were riding through the Eastern Caverns until Trixie got a distress signal from a Cavern, the Cavern is actually the edge of the Eastern Caverns, but they...
Protector's Bond (Two-Shot) by AgentBlueStarRebel9
Protector's Bond (Two-Shot)by The Little Infurnus
Part 1: Of Wristblasters, Infurnus Slugs and Pranks Set between Return Of The Elementals and Slug Fu Showdown What started as a simple joke turned into a fight that resu...
The Connection by Rosa-Mae7
The Connectionby Rosa-Mae7
Eli Shane, the cute boy in my class... Forget I said that. One day, he jumps in the sewers and may I just say ew? I follow him only to find my way BACK down to Slugterra...
Slugterra Being a Shane by onepiecelawfan
Slugterra Being a Shaneby onepiecelawfan
Raised as a Shane, once again orphan Styx fights back with her slugs. Things get even more interesting as another Shane shows up, Eli Shane.
Off-duty Shane Gang by Ase_CeeCee
Off-duty Shane Gangby
The Shane Gang work to ensure the protection of slugs and the 99 caverns, but what's their life like when they aren't being heroes? I don't own the characters and the c...
Slugterra 2  Beyond Souls and Energy by peanutcrazy
Slugterra 2 Beyond Souls and Ener...by autism queen
Eli Shane knows there's a missing piece inside of him. Not to mention this new emotional ability he gained during his time in the Eastern Caverns that is beginning to gr...
The Red Misfit by RuneWrights
The Red Misfitby RuneWrights
What if Keith had been raised with the Blades? What if they wouldn't let him fight till he was twenty? What if he joined a group of misfit Half Breeds and Mutts who have...
Inheritance (Slugterra Fic)  by AstralDragonGrrrl
Inheritance (Slugterra Fic) by Astra
Eli Shane is in prison, and when his daughter Ryuno Shane takes the drop into Slugterra, she finds out that the underground world is much more vast and dangerous than sh...
SlugTerra: The Fatal Duel by AgentBlueStarRebel9
SlugTerra: The Fatal Duelby The Little Infurnus
Takes place between "Light As Day" and "Ghoul From Beyond". Eli gets bored after the defeat of Dr. Blakk and the Darkbane. After receiving a distress...
Drabbles Bajoterra. by Eliann-Kamui-5
Drabbles Bajoterra.by Eliann-Kamui-5
Drabbles sobre serie animada bajoterra. Además de las películas. Pareja espesifica Junjie x Eli Shane
Stuck on Slugterra by A0Devil0Angel0Girl
Stuck on Slugterraby Star☆Anglican
My named is Julia and I am 14 years old and my little brother name William or Will for short and he is 10 years old . We are watching Slugterra at night in rainy day. Me...
Slugterra : Trixie Sting x Male Reader One Shot by Beedrill2001
Slugterra : Trixie Sting x Male Re...by Beedrill2001
A short romantic one shot between Trixie Sting and the male reader
The Defender Of Different Worlds Book 1: The World Beneath Our Feet by miarebel65
The Defender Of Different Worlds B...by Nurul Mohd Amirul
Boboiboy and his friends were fighting Adu du and Probe, when Adu du shoot them with his new weapon. Boboiboy thought they were goners, but it manage to send them to a w...
The little chibi slug by KittyGLMM
The little chibi slugby ChuuyaSimp ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Chuuya has crazy dreams where he turns into a slug in a new environment, every time he wakes up he is back in his old world but his dreams feel too real. After he become...