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The Dark of You (GxG) by Dreamondreamer96
The Dark of You (GxG)by Dreamondreamer96
Ever since Hadley Castillo lost her mother at a young age. Her father pulled away and entrusted Hadley's life with maids and a security guard. However, as she grew older...
Everybody's A Little Bit Gay by LaneTatum
Everybody's A Little Bit Gayby LANE
Amber Stines is straight even if most people around her are gay. Like her best friend Lexi Keeves, and Lexi's girlfriend Kayla Tate. Even Kayla's best friend, Lucy Halli...
dancing in the stars (ballerina x singer wlw romance)  by honeyczmb
dancing in the stars (ballerina x...by honeyczmb
Willow James only wants two things in her life: freedom from her mother and success with her music. The winter showcase her university pulls together can give her that...
The Girlfriend: Fake It Till You Make It by eva_langley
The Girlfriend: Fake It Till You M...by Eva Langley
When a high school senior girl fakes a relationship with a rebellious lesbian classmate to fend off the advances of the school's persistent jock, their pretense evolves...
I Want To Undress My Bestfriend  by lespria
I Want To Undress My Bestfriend by Pria writes
Warning - Extremely erotic and sexual. People below 18 might find it disturbing. Suggestion to my readers - Visualize everything! Description - I am in love with my bes...
Chemistry by Teddy_writes
Chemistryby Teddy
The school knows Ezra as the mysterious badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long hours to support he...
Ms Popular In Red | Heather Chandler X fem reader  by Venom_2022
Ms Popular In Red | Heather Chandl...by Venom_2022
You and your twin brother Jason Dean move to Sherwood ohio for your dad business. you been to many different towns so you didnt think this one would be any different. un...
Lingering Intimacy by Tee_Tee_1
Lingering Intimacyby Tee_Tee_1
Sade and Kahina have been best friends since high school. They've been there for each other through the darkest times of their lives and describe each other as 'platonic...
My Rival Lover by Hershey_kiss56
My Rival Loverby Brianna
Alpha Jackson of the Crescent Moon pack had a daughter named Evelyn Thorne. Because of frequent rouge attacks, Alpha Jackson sent Evelyn to a boarding school just for We...
My Daughter's Teacher  by Appl3juice
My Daughter's Teacher by Mj <3
Harlow had her daughter at the ripe age of seventeen. She wanted to make her boyfriend happy so she agreed to...do something that resulted in a baby. Seven years later H...
The Wolf Within (Book 1 of Wolf Within Series) by HouseofDL
The Wolf Within (Book 1 of Wolf Wi...by House of DL
**Book 2 Is now out! Title: The Wolf Without! Check out our profile to find it!** This story is told in two perspectives; Dakota was a normal woman working her way thro...
what you can't have (b.e.) by augustttwrites
what you can't have (b.e.)by augustttwrites
you just want what you can't have... tw for depression, eating disorders, drug use, violence + death cover art by @_radioheadstan
Lesbians stories by wencalirverse
Lesbians storiesby snake_stories
alot of smut fluff angst comforting requests are open I will not accept forced rape satanic scenarios
Once in a Blue Moon; Billie Elilish by Wedggg
Once in a Blue Moon; Billie Elilishby Wedggg
Y/N is the guitarist for a new up and coming band from England. What happens when the Grammys after party leads her to meet a world famous singer.
Better Than He Can  (Camren) by CuddlyWiTCh
Better Than He Can (Camren)by Sapphire Sangfroid
"Bullshit it's Austin's fault. I know for a fact if I fucked you I would make you come." "Shut up Lauren. No you couldn't" The green eyed girl rais...
The Queen's Girl by MxMags
The Queen's Girlby MxMags
Indulge in this tale of romance and fantasy: these are the days of the Queen and her lover. One fine evening, the Queen catches a mischievous thief swiping fruit from a...
The Dragons Daughter by charlizetheronswifey
The Dragons Daughterby Charlizetheronswife
Daenera Targaryen, the daughter of Queen Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen, grows up amidst the turmoil and ambition of House Targaryen's quest for the Iron Throne. Raised i...
Dealer's Girl by Tinabackup8
Dealer's Girlby Tina
When Madison Jones was twelve years old, her best friend, Alexis Williams, ran away from the foster home they lived in. Six years later, Madi moves to Virginia to start...
Second Chance by Nope29881
Second Chanceby Nope
"You know I can't hate you. No matter what you do I somehow can't hate you, be angry at you. I can't be mad at you for being right, I can't be made at you for warni...
Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"Dumbass" "Blind bitch" "Shut up and kiss me"