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Let Me Love You (Forbidden Love Series Book 7) by Rituparnadarolia
Let Me Love You (Forbidden Love Se...by Rituparnadarolia
Nineteen year old Violet Nelson worked as a housekeeping staff in Parker Suites, LA. With two younger siblings and an abusive father to support she had no time for a rel...
Sold To The Billionaire  by SAnshi5201
Sold To The Billionaire by Anshika Singh
A cute, bubbly, lovely, caring girl, who loves her mother and her step father the most, but they sell her off in exchange of money to save their neice's life. she left b...
Billionaire's Ex-Wife by AshlehQueen
Billionaire's Ex-Wifeby AshlehQueen
*Dark Romance* After her divorce, Julie is left with her kids to raise them alone. What she never saw coming was Matteo to make things horrible for her. She is left with...
Little Lavender (Not Edited)  by angelsprinklesss
Little Lavender (Not Edited) by 🧸
Little Lavender has lived her entire life sheltered, developing dpd and extreme anxiety, what happens when she moves away alone, and meets a professor who sees to her de...
Tend To My Heart by BingingsAnonymous
Tend To My Heartby BingingsAnonymous
She takes care of everyone. He just wants to take care of her. Evangeline vowed to always make sure her brothers were taken care of after the death of their parents. Eve...
နင်က vilain ပေါ့ by poenor
နင်က vilain ပေါ့by poenor
'ကျွန်မ သူ့ကို ဟိုးငယ်ငယ်လေးကတည်းက အရိပ်တစ်ကြည့်ကြည့်နဲ့ လိုက်ကြည့်နေခဲ့တာ ဘယ်တုန်းကစပြီး ချစ်မိသွားလဲ? ဘယ်သူကသိမှာတဲ့လဲ. မင်းဆံပင် ကော်ဖီလိုမျက်လုံးလေး မင်းနှာခေါင်းလေ...
A Silent Heart by amba9999
A Silent Heartby Mia Bee
After a chance encounter, deaf cleaning lady Irene's world clashes with wealthy CEO Leo's, igniting a spark of romance tested by family secrets and tragedy. ...
Falling Again by divvydoll
Falling Againby divvydoll
Olivia Trent and Lucas Greyson met and fell in love while they were in college, but one day Lucas completely cuts off Olivia without explaination. However, a few years a...
မျက်ရည်တွေနဲ့ဆောက်တဲ့အိမ် by user13326062
မျက်ရည်တွေနဲ့ဆောက်တဲ့အိမ်by Nat Nat
မုန်းလို့မဟုတ်ပေမယ့် အမြင်ကပ်လို့ မဆိုသလောက်လေးဒုက္ခပေးမိတာပါ မိန့်အာဏာ ဘဝက ရုပ်ရှင်လိုနာရီပိုင်းအတွင်းမပြီးသွားလို့ ဆင်းရဲရတာ အရမ်းကြာပြီးပင်ပန်းလွန်းတယ် နှင်းဆီနက်
Stay or Go by LyndaCoker
Stay or Goby Lynda Coker
Take-charge men are a pain in the... That's Stormee's opinion. She's a young woman with little money, loads of responsibility, and a new job in a new city. Her first ass...
Royal Vampires Of The Nation: Reincarnated Bride Of Yesterday  by kkllcc400
Royal Vampires Of The Nation: Rein...by kkllcc
Every 100 years, the royal vampire family's eldest son needs to find a human bride to become crowned king, to replace his fathers position as the current ruler of the na...
TWILIGHT  by ArmzylClairakazeKim
TWILIGHT by Binibining_Claira
Tahimik at masaya ang buhay ni Clara sa Sebaste sa Lalawigan ng Antique. Ngunit paano kung may makikilala siyang makakapagpabago ng dating tahimik na buhay niya sa prob...
RIDE OR DIE : A MAFIA ROMANCE by glitter_charm
Blood thirst and determination. Ace Ambrose wants the head of his enemies on a golden platter. He craves nothing but revenge and he will stop at nothing to get it, that...
MY BOYISH GIRL by SilverSayna
XIAN DUKE TENISON Ang lalaking hindi mo malaman kung lalaki ba talaga. I mean lalaki talaga siya pero daig pa ang babae sa kaartehan, kasungitan, kakinisan, kaputian, ka...
A poor girl was abandoned when she was young and was left to fend for herself. She lived alone in a run down home with only her hatred to keep her company. Due to unfor...
DREAM (odeya)💫  by chidel2691
DREAM (odeya)💫 by Star ⭐️ queen
the story of odeya's journey to love and success. Deya is a poor innocent girl who lives with her wicked step mum. Tho she has the talent of singing her step mum ban...
Purchased His  by imculture
Purchased His by imculture
MAYA Independence is my dream, you live for yourself, you die for yourself. You survive for yourself and you struggle for yourself. Sounds conceited, but its not always...
Fated To Love You Forever by AuthorIris_xx
Fated To Love You Foreverby Author Iris
She was his motivation. Madison Connor, the only woman he had ever loved, the woman he had hurt, the woman he had left. Billionaire Damien Daniels had three things he ne...
The Present Future by sweetxmxchi
The Present Futureby sweetxmxchi
After her parents mysteriously died on a night out, Alexandra Lilac Rosewater has been taking care of herself since she was 10. She worked hard to be able to pay the bil...