Episode 14

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Episode 14
The episode start with arjun woke up in morning and saw time it was 6:58 he get up from bed and get ready then came down and made bf from himself after making bf he came to the lady servant she was in her mid 60s and said
arjun:I'll be late don't make lunch
lady:ok sir
arjun remembered something and said
arjun:don't call me sir call me beta
the lady become shock and said
arjun:please u r elder I would like u to call me beta
lady was happy and said

lady:ok beta take care
arjun:and please tell everyone to wait for me to return I want to share something
lady:ok beta
arjun left from there and after sometime reach office and get busy in work on the other side haya woke up and get ready she had bf and then came back in her room as she can't go her center so she thought to decide what to wear as arjun will be taking her out for lunch so she came near her cupboard and open it she look for sometime and then took out Stunning White Base Colorful Embroidery Anarkali Attire (the one Moni Roy is wearing)
haya gone in washroom and get ready as it was already 12:37 after sometime haya came out and wear some matching accessories and applied light makeup and then suddenly her phone start ringing haya picked up and said

arjun:babe come out I'm here
haya:ok coming saying this haya cut the call and after looking at herself in mirror for one last time she came out in hall and told ana that she is going for lunch with arjun and was about to go but was stopped by David and Radha they came and David said
David:where r u going
haya:dad I...I'm going out

radha:u can't go
haya looked up and said
haya:but why
David:because today me and radha r going remember ana told u that we r going to attend my frd's daughter wedding so you'll stay at home till we don't come back because there should be someone to look after home
haya:but dad
radha:but nothing

haya:I'll come soon
David:how dare u arguing with me saying this David was about to slap haya and haya closed her eyes in fear but David's hand was stopped in mid after sometime haya open her eyes and to her surprise arjun was standing between her and David as a shield and was holding David's hand arjun turn and looked at haya and get even more angry seeing haya scared arjun turn again and jerk David's hand and said
arjun:don't u dare Mr David I told u this before also that u don't have any bl**dy right to say and do anything to haya
David get scared seeing Arjun so much angry and arjun said
arjun:will u come with me Mr David I want to talk alone saying this arjun come to corner and David followed him and arjun said
arjun:don't forgot Mr David haya is mine now and u don't have any right on her so u better stay in ur limit or else u know very well that I can destroy u in fraction of seconds so do u want me
David:no please I'm sorry Mr Mehra I won't do

arjun:good and just for ur safety let me tell u there is someone who is keeping eye on u so u better be carefully because if I got to know that u did something to my wife I mean would be then I'll cut u in thousands pieces and u know rest
David:no please I won't do anything I promise
arjun:good now come and apologize to haya
David:what apologize to haya
arjun:I think its better to apologize than begging on road

David:I'll I'll apologize saying this both came back in hall and arjun saw haya who was crying silently and felt like killing David but he controlled and David said
David:haya beta I'm sorry u can go servants will take care u can go anywhere u want beta
haya get shocked and looked at arjun he just smiled and came toward haya he hold her hand and said
arjun:we r going out and will have lunch and dinner out so we'll be late I hope it's not a problem Mr David saying this he stare David with anger and David said
David:not at all Mr Mehra after all she is all urs
arjun:thank u Mr David saying this he hug him and whisper

arjun:good and remember my man is keeping eye on u so saying this he separate from him and smirk then he again hold haya's hand and left with her haya was in tears she was just staring arjun she couldn't believe that arjun love her so much that he will fight for her that to with her father just then haya came out of her thoughts when both stopped near arjun's car he turn and looked at haya and saw her staring and seeing haya's tears made arjun sad he just couldn't see her like this he immediately came closer and haya hug him tightly and start crying badly arjun hug her back even more tightly and said
arjun:ssshhh don't cry I'm here na I won't let anyone do anything with u I promise I'll protect u always saying this arjun looked at haya and wipe her tears then he kiss on her forehead and haya said
haya:thank u so much arjun
arjun:don't say thanks its my wish and my duty to protect u and support u
haya:but still

arjun cupped haya's face and said
arjun:haya I Love U u know that right
haya nod in yes and arjun said
arjun:I can do anything to make u happy David is nothing in fact I can fight will the whole world for u because u r my life haya I'm living because of u and only for u
haya:u love me this much
arjun:honestly I don't have any idea how much I love u but I can say that if u world ever ask me to die I'll do it without thinking
haya get angry and said
haya:how dare u say that saying this she start hitting her arjun on chest and arjun said
arjun:wait careful
arjun:don't hit on my heart

arjun:my beautiful love stay here
haya:really and who is that beautiful love
arjun turn haya and as car's window had black shades they image was visible arjun stood behind haya and said
arjun:this is my beautiful love who stay in my heart
haya blush and lower her eyes arjun turn haya and said
arjun:now don't worry and let's go
haya:actually I want to ask something
arjun:yeah say

haya:umm I... did I hurt u by saying that I just like u and I don't love u yet
arjun:no u didn't in fact I'm so happy because after doing so much wrong with u u still give me chance to rectify my mistakes and that's enough for me and I know one day you'll love me back and if u didn't then I'll love u so much that my love will be enough for both of us I promise
haya felt so special and happy she hug arjun and said
haya:I know you'll make me fall for u

arjun:really but how can u say that
haya:because u r a perfect husband that any girl would wish to have and I'm lucky that I got u
arjun:then I'm the luckiest to have u as my wife saying this arjun kiss on her forehead and said
arjun:let's go now I'm hungry
haya smile and said
haya:me too saying this both sat in car and left to have lunch after sometime both came in restaurant and had lunch after lunch both left to roam

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