The Ambassadors' Mantra

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The wonderful thing about Wattpad is its community. Each and every one of its Ambassadors are committed to help maintain the positive nature of that Community, keep it safe for everyone to use and enjoy, and also contribute to its growth.


Being an Ambassador means that you want to give something back to the Wattpad Community. We focus on helping people find their way around, show them where they can find useful information or help, aim to get people writing more great content, and particularly try to encourage and nurture new and younger users.

Dedication and Enthusiasm

The Ambassadors are volunteers. They don't join to gain power or popularity but work quietly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the Community.

A volunteer action is like a stone thrown into still water; even the smallest action creates ripples, and our volunteer efforts reach out far and wide to improve the Wattpad Community.

Patience, Understanding, Respect

Ambassadors are a positive force in the Community. Wattpad users are diverse, passionate, and eclectic, and the Ambassadors reflect that in their own makeup too. The diversity of the Ambassadors and the Community they serve means we have to have Patience and Understanding, but also that we respect the diverse views and ideas of the Community.


To be an Ambassador, you must be able to organize your own time. Although we work to rules and guidelines, and training and support are given at all times, because of the virtual nature of the role you yourself will decide how you give your 4 hours to the community, and when.

Honesty and Impartiality

We expect the team to be honest and impartial, and not to show favoritism. Joining the Ambassadors will not guarantee any immunity from our general guidelines, or special treatment.

Personal integrity and Commitment

Once you become an ambassador, you will be representing our dedicated team of Ambassadors, a group of people who help support the team at Wattpad HQ. You will need to be careful with your interactions, be aware of the guidelines, and conduct yourself in a manner expected of an Ambassador.

Team work and Trust

Team work is dream work. To be an Ambassador, you have to be willing to learn new things. Willing to give and take. *Give* your time and the knowledge you have for the benefit of the team and the wider Community. *Take* feedback from your team members, the Wattpad Staff and most importantly the Community, because everything we do constantly evolves and changes in line with the changes we see on Wattpad.

Communication is key!


Ambassadors are diverse people. We can understand each other and the Wattpad Community if we open our minds to ideas, honest opinions, and suggestions.


You don't need to be perfect. None of us are. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them, and the Ambassadors as a team support and nurture each other so we can work best as a team to support the Community we love.

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