New Meetings

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Alois P.O.V

The next day blurred by as it went on . I had received the same questions from every class ."Have you found your mate ."  "Do you really need A mate","How old are you?"
I received some rather odd questions from the students that weren't in my pack as they spoke to me as if I were a fellow student which I actually didn't mind as long as they understood my rules and respected me . It's now lunch and I'm stuck in the break room with the other teachers whos on their lunch .How can i get out of here I think to myself as a teacher by the name of Ms.Anderson calls my name snapping me out of my thoughts . Clearing my throat I turn my attention to her and speak " I'm sorry could you repeat that ?" She laughs lightly and leans over as if to expose her chest to me . I internally roll my eyes pathetic . She looks at me smiling what I think is supposed to be considered seductive and repeats " I was asking what you were thinking about ." She stated batting her eyelashes.
I muster a fake smile and look at her " Just about how I have much I need to prepare for my next class period and I should probably get going." I say " I was thinking Alpha , youre almost 25 yet you still haven't found your mate, dont you get lonely ?" she says grabbing my arm and pressing herself against me , I pulled my arm away heading towards the door when she says " She could be dead by now Alpha and its quite unusal for an Alpha such as yourself to still not have A lu-," Ms.Kathy was about to say something when My wolf Kade begin to surface at the mention of our other half being dead. I felt my eyes turn dark and i clenched my fist breathing in deeply before leaving. I had to leave before she said something else or else I might have killed her and Id prefer to not start a war with one of our strongest allied packs on my second day of work.  I close the door and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. Damn I  walk back to my classroom unlocking the door before organizing the desks and fixing my things as I prepared for my next period hoping it wouldn't be like my other classes. They're in this class I think to myself smirking. Soon I hear the door start to open and I smell an intoxicating fragrance that smelled of cherry and  forest making my head shoot up in search of the smell . "Mate!" Kaden growls slightly , as he paces anxiously in my subconcious I look towards the door and see Rayna  wearing a Pullover hoodie and some tights , The tights A bit too form fitting for my liking however earning a growl from my wolf. I noticed the boy coming in behind her staring at her Ass making me grip the edge of the desk. Noticing he was a warrior from our pack I subtly mindlinked him .

Ill Kill You .

His face visibly paled as he stumbled to his desk avoiding all contact with Rayna . I noticed her nervously placing with a charm necklace around her neck. 'Our hands should be around her neck ." My wolf says I can almost hear the smirk in his voice. I ignored him realizing she was staring at me . So I smirked at her which would normally make her glare at me but instead today she just looked away. Strange . I wonder why before she was scentless ? Thats not exactly normal. Ill look into it later .When everyone was sat down I began the beginning of my lecture and asked if anyone had any questions for me and all the girls but my mate raised their hand. "Oh wow that's a lot ." I muttered asking surprised . So I picked out some random girl but later realized it was Blaine A girl thats been trying to sleep with me for years and also the daughter of one of my highest pack warriors. "Could I stay A bit later for some help I don't think I'll be able to understand this assignment sir." she asked me pouting which inwardly made me cringe " Why is that everyone but our  mate seems to want to jump us today." said my wolf as I was attempting not to laugh. '' No Im busy, however In this class google will be your bestfriend. " I said nonchalantly knowing I'm lying .  I noticed my mate wasn't paying attention so I called on her wanting to hear her voice. She didnt respond but instead stared into space fidgeting with her pencil . " Can everyone please take out their journals and write a synopsis on the lecture I just gave  itll be due before this class period is over. " I sit back at my desk and do some paperwork sneaking glances at my mate every once in a while who seemed to be deep in thought. She's so beautiful. I thought to myself as my wolf agreed with me. I should probably find out whats bothering her so much. I look at the attendance and seating roster Rayna Artegío. it reads and I smile to myself Beautiful and unique I get up and begin to walk around the class looking at everyone's work stopping when I get to hers she drawing not writing of course but the picture was beautiful she really has talent . " Looks good Ms.Artegio ." I say softly ''Thank you sir." she mumbled and I started to look at the details of the picture and it looked like the symbol on the back of my neck but A differentiated version. But theres no way she could know about something like that, no one outside of the council even knows the details to that extent, but she knows enough to be able to draw it. " Where have you seen that?" I asked her slightly in awe "It was from a dream I had." She says nonchalantly . I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by the bell once again making her quickly stand and rush to the door before I reminded her "Your My aid remember." she didn't respond and instead continued walking "I dont think she heard you ." My wolf said in my subconscious. I grab her arm and close the door seeing everyone has left . I looked down at her small build she couldn't have been taller than 5'6 and that's a stretch . She was looking down her gaze set on her shoes. I repeated sternly "You have Aid this period Rayna." I say with a hint of my alpha voice slipping in, besides the smell that makes me realize she's my mate she has no real scent . None of a human, werewolf, vampire nothing . She nods before speaking softly " I know sir I'm sorry, I have to go " I felt her shaking slightly in my grip and I let her go watching as her frame disappeared from my line of vision. 

Rayna's POV

      Shit, Shit,Shit,Shit.  I almost dropped my phone as I read the notification from Johnathan my father, 

Would you like to explain?

Attached was A picture of the money I had been saving Up to finally run away , I had his it inside of my pillow, not the pillow case my PILLOW . So how had he found it?

Come home now 

My breath had gotten caught in my throat as I read the message it was then I heard my name being called. The voice calming my erratic senses Yet my voice still unable to escape. I took out my sketch book and began the sketch a symbol I had seen in my dream the night before. 


    "Youre so beautiful." The oddly familiar voice said with a smile , However I couldnt see his face. Promise me you'll be strong ? Ill save you soon Angel. Just hang on for me Please." The voice said practically pleading with me . Unable to answer I traced the outline of A strange tattoo on his chest. The tattoo was a circle with the symbol for 'Guardian' cut into by the circle , it had a symbol of A tribal type wolf howling in the middle and it was honestly beautiful. I smiled nodding at the man who I couldnt see . 


   I don't usually remember my dreams however I could vividly remember that one. Though I couldn't see the mans face the warmth I had gotten from him and his voice seemed all too familiar. I continued to sketch it out until eventually it was complete. Mr. Finn as if right on que soon popped up behind me quietly. I jumped as my nerves are extremely bad right now. " It looks Good, Ms Artegío." He says softly sounding slightly confused. I muttered A quiet thank you. " Where have you seen that ?" He ask quietly . I wonder does this symbol exsist somewhere, has he seen it before? " Its from A dream I had ." I said as I packed up my things. I have to get home as soon as possible or else I'll be in more trouble than I already am. Mr.Finn was about to say something when the bell cut him off I heard him say something but I couldn't afford to be distracted right now. What am I going to tell them? I can feel myself tearing up, please dont lock me down there again.  I could feel myself shaking pathetically as Mr.Finns large hand gripped my wrist making me wince as memories of yesterday flooded back into me .


    "What did I tell you about embarassing me when guest are over ?" My father Spat angerily as he kicked me in my stomach repeatedly. I rolled over onto my back trying my hardest not to cry or let any sounds slip out as that'd only anger him more . I bit my lip harshly as he stepped on my left wrist . Since you're already so fucking clumsy it wouldn't hurt for me to break your wrist right ? Then you'd actually have an excuse to drop things." He said pressing harder onto my wrist. "Don't dear, because then she wouldn't be able to clean the house or cook properly." my 'mother' says nonchalantly stirring her tea. He growls out a ' Youre too nice to it' before taking his foot off of my wrist. Gripping my hair he forces me up practically dragging me through the shards of glass from the pitcher I had just dropped . " Clean it up." He grits out before grabbing a couple of beers out of the fridge and taking it to his co-workers putting a bright smile on his face . " Sorry guys I had to help my daughter clean Up the glass ! I didn't want her to accidentally cut herself on the glass." He says . Earning some 'Awes' and' A you both sure dote on your children ' " Speaking of, hows your son doing, Kyland?" I drowned out their conversation forcing myself to focus on the task at hand trying my hardest to ignore the pain in my body.


"Im Sorry Sir , I have to leave " I say softly as he lets my wrist go.

 I try to get home as quickly as possible. However my bruises and the rain making it quite difficult seeing as I'm walking. Please, if they're going to kill me at least make it quick. I think to myself. After living in this house for 18 years, I can safely say I don't fear death. Instead inviting it . It'd be much better than having to continue enduring this.

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