Chapter One

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Elena's POV:

I took the glass of champagne from the waiter and made my way towards the man, who had decided to empty every single bottle of alcohol available in the bar.

"Look who has graced us with their presence, " I said standing beside him–close enough to smell his enchanting cologne with the hint of scotch.

"Did you really think I would miss the opportunity of seeing my best friend getting life-sentenced?" He said taking another swig of the scotch.

"But I thought you were here for the free whiskey," I mumbled.

His green eyes finally landed on me and he looked at the champagne glass in my hand with the frown.

"Are you even old enough to drink, princess?" Jake said, his voice suddenly sounded huskier.

The grip of my hand tightened around the glass that I was holding in a desperate attempt to stop myself from hugging him.

I didn't know why I'd always loved hearing this endearment from him. Whenever he called me a princess, it gave me shivers.

"I am old enough to decide when to stop," I said snatching his whiskey glass from his hand and placing it on the counter.

My eyes searched his face to find any traces of old Jake—one who would always laugh and make jokes to entertain us.

I recalled asking him why he makes people laugh. He told me it's better to make people laugh then make them cry.

The Jake Carter, my brother's best friend— and the first guy that I had a crush on was nothing like the man standing before me. This man looked hollow from inside, his eyes held the tales of suffering, and the smirk plastered on his face was telling me that he was mocking his fate in his head.  But one thing didn't change and that was his handsome face. The boyish charm of his age was gone, replaced by the five o'clock shadow on his face.

He looked as attractive as before—or perhaps even more. The fitted black tux and lose black tie around his neck was making him look hotter than any other man in the wedding.

I noticed earlier how some of the females were eyeing him but they didn't dare to approach him because he hadn't left the bar since he arrived.

I wish I had my camera with me and I could take his pictures without him knowing.

I knew he was coming here to attend the wedding because he would never dare to miss his best friend's wedding.

"How life has been for the past six years?" I asked him.

"Cruel," he replied, stretching his hand to take the glass of whiskey.

I slapped his hand away and he gave me an amused look.

"Then you should change the way you're living," I said.

"It's not that easy, Elena," he said tilting his face the other way to hide the painful look on his face.

My heart dropped in my stomach seeing the grief on his face.

"When did I say it's easy? But you can always take another chance with life," I said, leaning closer to him.

"What if I don't want to take another chance?" Jake said, looking straight into my eyes.

I felt like his eyes were talking to my soul, begging me to help him out. I'd never felt that before, it was a connection between him and me.

He turned to leave, but Noah made an announcement that it was time for the newlyweds first dance.

Everyone stopped and stared at the couple swaying on Ed Sheeran's song "Thinking Out Loud".

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