Part 6

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After talking to his mom, Manik went to his room. Nandini was in the room.

        Manik : "I figured out what needs to be done to get a divorce. According to rules, we have to wait for a year to apply for divorce. We will show that we have already been married for a year, so that we can apply immediately. It will take few months to get the divorce after we apply."

        Nandini : "But, it isn't right to go against the rules."

        Manik (rudely) : "Then what do you expect me to do? Bear this unwanted marriage for one whole year before we apply for divorce?"

        Nandini : "I didn't mean that."

        Manik : "I will take care of the documents required for it, you just need to come on that day and give your consent."

        Nandini agreed since she didn't have a choice.


        Everyone in the household were busy with there own work. Nandini didn't know what to do sitting at home. Nandini felt that she could help her dad with his work, that would reduce stress on him. She called her parents and talked about it and her parents asked Nandini to check with her in-laws. So Nandini checked with Nyonika and she asked her to talk to Manik.

        Nandini : "I am thinking of joining my dad's company so that I can help him with his work. I talked to Mom and she asked me to talk to you about it."

       Manik : "As I have already told you, I don't believe in this marriage. You are free to do whatever you want to do, you don't have to ask me for anything. Similarly, I don't want you also to interfere in any of the matters related to my life."


        Nandini figured out that Mukti and Manik pretended to obey Nyonika when she was around , but had there own way of getting things done in a way they wanted.

        Manik would come home from work on time so that he doesn't get caught in his mom's hands again. He couldn't give reasons related to work and come home late, since they owned the company. His dad would be able to catch his lie easily.


        One day, Manik made sure no one was around and left through the front door. He went to meet Alya.

        Alya : "Now a days, you don't meet me often as earlier. Today you are here, but you made me wait for so long."

        Manik : "It is not easy for me to sneak out from the house and meet you. Try to understand my situation."

        Alya wasn't trying to understand his situation, but went on cribbing.

        Alya : "You have changed after marriage. You don't care for me any more."

        Manik tried to convince her that it wasn't like how she thought.


        At night, Nandini was sitting in the balcony. She heard some sound and looked down. At first, she thought it was a thief climbing the pipe. Later, she figured out that it was Manik. He was sneaking into his own room using the pipe. Nandini was concerned that he might get hurt.

When Manik reached the balcony,

        Nandini : "If you call me or even message me, I can make sure no one is around and open the backside door for you. You don't have to sneak into your own room and get hurt in the process."

        Manik : "I have already told you not to interfere in my life. Whether I sneak into my own room or get hurt is none of your concern."

        Manik : "If you are really so interested in helping, don't annoy me and stay as far away as possible from me."

        Nandini was only trying to help him, but after hearing him she distanced herself from him. Not being friendly or not caring was against her nature. Initially, her situation was not much different from a bird in a cage when she was in the room with Manik around.


        Slowly she figured out she could access the terrace easily without anyone noticing. Also no one in the family really went to the terrace. She started spending time there when she needed her own space.

        Manik got the documents ready for the divorce and they applied for divorce without their families knowledge.

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