Chapter Four

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Jake's POV:

I caught Elena in my arms and laid her on my lap.

"Wake up, Elena!" I called her name in panic. I didn't know what to do, everyone was downstairs busy at dinner.

She gazed at me before closing her eyes completely.

I couldn't comprehend why she had fallen unconscious abruptly. The sight of her lying motionless body on the floor was frightening me.

I picked her up in my arms in bridal style and laid her down on the bed. I placed my hand on her forehead; it was cold as the rest of her body. I went to her washroom and brought the glass of water then splashed some on her face. She made a noise then turned to her right sluggishly.

"Elena," I said stroking her cheek.

"Go away," She mumbled inaudibly.

I sighed in relief that she was conscious but I wanted to make sure she was fine before leaving.

"Elena, are you fine? Should I call your parents?" I asked her in concern.

Her eyes popped open at my question and sheave me a bewildered look then quickly sat up on the bed.

"What are you doing in my room?"

"I was in your room when you fainted. I am just making sure you're fine before leaving."

Her hands fist the sheets in anger.

"Why do you care, Jake?" She asked me sarcastically. "Don't you think it's wrong to take care of me? I am your best friend's sister," She added.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm down my nerves.

"Elena, what did you expect me to do? To leave you on the floor?" I asked her.

"Yes, you should've left me on the floor because taking care of someone is a crime, isn't it?"

She looked annoyed and mad.

"Okay, that's it. Next time, if you would pass out I will leave you on the floor," I said, showing my hand in surrender.

The look she was given me now was the same she had on her face the day we first met. I remembered that I found her glares cute. I felt my mouth twitching in a smile.

"That's what I'll expect from you after today," She said and got up from the bed. She made her way to the vanity table and combed her hair.

"Where are you going?" I asked her worried.

She turned to me and gave me the look that says are you mad?

"I'm going back to join dinner. I was supposed to be enjoying tonight."

I wanted to tell her that she should be resting because there must be something wrong with her.

"You fell unconscious just a few seconds ago and your body was cold. You should take rest while I call a doctor,"

"I'm perfectly fine. Don't pretend to care,"

She pulled out a bottle of medicine from the drawer and popped two tablets in her mouth.

I felt my heart twisting in my chest when I saw her taking medicines. Suddenly, I was scared.

"Are you ill, Elena?"

She opened her bedroom door and walked out, ignoring my question completely.

I clenched my jaw in irritation and followed her out.

She made her way downstairs to go to the backyard but I took the hold of her wrist and pulled her back. I didn't realize my force was too strong. She collided with my chest which knocked my breath out.

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