Part 15

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Nandini : "Arya was studying in the same college as me. Suddenly one day he proposed, but I didn't accept. I made it clear to him that I didn't have any such feelings towards him, but he didn't back off." 

Nandini : "One day he told me that he will commit suicide if I don't accept him. I didn't take it seriously and ignored it. Later, I saw him standing on the edge of the terrace of our college building. He was ready to jump off the building. I couldn't think of any other way to stop him, but to accept."

Nandini : "He always used to tell that he loved me so much that he couldn't live without me. He would end his life the day I left him. When he talked about marriage, I wasn't ready for it. I tried to postpone it, but he felt that I didn't want to be with him. Though it was true, I couldn't tell him that. I was worried that he might try to commit suicide again and I may not be able to save him. I felt that if he ended up losing his life because of my denial, then that guilt would never leave me. So I convinced my parents for the wedding."

Nandini : "I didn't realize that it was all a facade. He wanted to marry me so that he could lead a wealthy life. When he came to know that Dad's company had incurred losses, he backed out of the wedding. If I had been more careful and not believed in him, then I could have avoided everything that happened afterwards."

Nandini : "As though it was not sufficient that I messed up things for my family, I became an obstacle in your life too. When mom told about you, I could think only of my dad's well being. He had a heart attack when he heard about the company's loss. He wouldn't have been able to bear it if he knew that his dignity was at stake too. I didn't want to lose him, so I agreed. I didn't know that you would be forced to marry me. I am really very very sorry."

Nandini couldn't control herself anymore. She burst into tears. She turned her face away from Manik to hide the tears. Manik turned her towards him and wiped away her tears. He side hugged her and tried to console her as best as he could."

Manik : "Don't blame yourself for whatever happened. You cared for him like you care for everyone. You tried to save his life. You think everyone's good and straight forward like you, so you believed him. He took advantage of your good nature."

Manik : "I can understand the situation you were in. You agreed for your dad's well being the same way I agreed for my mom's. It was the circumstances you were in that forced you to do what you did."

Manik : "Look at the positive side. If you would have got married to him without knowing his true nature, you would always be forced to do what he wants you to do. You would always be under the fear that he will kill himself otherwise."

Manik : "I would have never met you. We wouldn't have become good friends like we are now. You aren't an obstacle in my life as you think. Staying with you has helped me to become a better version of myself. My perspective of seeing things has changed for the better."

Manik : "You can't change what happened, so don't dwell in the past, let it go. Don't hold yourself responsible for what happened, you aren't. You tried to do the best you could at that point in time."

Nandini felt lighter after talking to Manik. She remembered why she started telling him about Arya.

Nandini : "Sorry .. I got carried away."

Nandini : "I saw Arya with Mukti and Mukti told me that he was her boyfriend. I tried to warn Mukti against Arya, but she wasn't ready to listen to me. She will listen to you, will you try talking to her?"

Manik agreed. 

Next day, Manik talked to Mukti about it.

Manik : "Mukti, I want to talk to you about Arya."

Mukti : "Nandini has already filled your ears against me. I told her not to interfere in my life, why doesn't she understand?"

Manik : "She told me about it for your own good."

Mukti : "She doesn't want to see us happy. First, she messed with your life, now she is trying to mess up with mine. I don't know what magic spell she is cast on you that you can't see it."

Manik : "You are getting her wrong. What is she going to get by messing up your life? She cares for you, so she doesn't want you to get deceived by Arya."

Mukti wasn't convinced still. Manik thought over it for sometime.

Manik : "Let's do one thing. Why don't we test Arya? We will come to know his true intentions."

Manik told his plan to Mukti.

When Mukti met Arya next time,

Mukti : "How long will we continue meeting like this? Let's get married soon, then we can stay together always"

Hearing these words from Mukti, Arya was happy. He would have brought up the topic few weeks later anyways. He was just waiting for the right time.

Arya : "Sure. I was thinking the same too."

Mukti : "I will talk to my parents about us then."

Next time they met,

Mukti : "I talked to my parents, but they didn't agree. I tried to convince them, but it was of no use. They threatened that if I marry you, they will forget that I am their daughter. They will disinherit me."

Mukti : "I can't live without you. So I have decided to leave my parents. We can get married, they can't stop me."

Arya was taken aback hearing Mukti's words. Marrying Mukti now, wouldn't help him to fulfill his dreams of leading a wealthy life.

Arya : "Let's not take any decision in haste. Give me sometime to think about it."

After that incident, Arya distanced himself from Mukti and soon they broke up. Mukti realized that Nandini thought of her well being and her behavior towards Nandini softened.

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