Chapter Seven

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Elena's POV:

I unlocked the door and silently entered the house with my cellphone in one hand and my stilettos in the other one then made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I entered my bedroom and closed the door with the sigh.

From inside, I was glad that no one was awake to see me sneaking in the house at seven in the morning until I heard "Doing a walk of shame, I see".

"Jerk ass! You scared the hell out of me". I said hitting my brother with my stilettos in my hand.

But unfortunately, he ducked his head down and didn't get hit with it.

"Calm down, princess. I was just asking". My twin brother said.

I glared at him, trying to calm down my scared heart.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" I asked him.

"Duh, I was waiting for you to come home". He said.

"Eric, I'm not in a good mood. I want to take a shower and get ready for college, so please, leave". I said walking to my closet and pulling out my clothes.

He followed me and dragged me to the bed then made me sit there.

"What happened?" He asked me.

I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"What do you mean, what happened?" I asked him, shrugging my shoulders.

"I know where you were all night". He said.

My eyes popped out. I turned little flustered but I wasn't going to confess anything.

"I went to club with Anna and Sharon then stayed with them". I lied.

He smiled at me creepily.

"I always knew he is going to be a bad influence on you". He said.

"Excuse me, who?" I asked him, getting up from the bed while trying not to look nervous.

At times like these, I hate it that he is my twin brother.

"Oh sorry, I didn't say the name. I mean Jake Carter, your brother's best friend and the guy you like since forever". He said, falling on his back on my bed.

My face turned pale and I climbed on the bed.

"How do you know?" I asked him, whispering.

He pulled out his phone from his jeans pocket and showed me the message from Steve. He was making sure I arrived safely at home.

I made a face and put my head in a pillow then yelled.

Eric started laughing and patted my head.

"I read his message in the morning and it made me really worried. I was coming home but on the way here, I saw your car parked outside Jake's house. That's how I know where you were last night". He said.

I looked at him with the puppy dog face that mostly works when I want something.

My brothers always have my back. Noah, Brandon and Eric, they are pretty caring brothers but when it comes to protecting me no one can change their minds.

I used to share my feelings with Eric. I used to tell him which guy I like and who looks attractive while he used to share his thoughts about the girls he likes. But it changed the day, I found out that he was the one revealing my secrets to my elder brothers and they all would scare the guys away.

After that, I stopped sharing my feelings with Eric and he got busy with all the attractive girls out there while I got busy with my studies and my internship at studio.

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