Sequel - Part 3

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It was Karva Chauth. Nyonika was fasting for Raj. Manik was thinking of the times when Nandu was with him.


Manik and Nandini were in their room.

Nandu : "What are you still doing here? It's breakfast time."

Manik : "I don't want to have my breakfast."

Nandu touched his forehead.

Nandu : "Are you alright?"

Manik : "I am fine."

Nandu : "Then?"

Manik : "You are not having your breakfast too."

Nandu : "I am not having because I am fasting today. Why aren't you having your breakfast?"

Manik : "How will I feel like eating when you are not?"

Nandu : "But I will be fasting all day."

Manik : "I will also fast all day with you then."

Nandu : "You are kidding,right? You can't even manage if the food is delayed a little and you are going to fast all day?"

Manik : "If you can fast all day, then even I can manage."

Nandu : "I am fasting for your well being and long life. There is no need for you to fast. Go and have your breakfast."

Manik : "I won't."

Nandu tried to convince him to have food all day but Manik didn't budge from his decision. When it was time to break the fast and Manik fed Nandu, even she fed him. They broke their fast together.

Though Manik didn't believe in that custom, he fasted with her because she was fasting.

Flashback ends...

Manik's thoughts : "Jaan, you fasted for my wellbeing and long life. If it really means a long life for me, what will i even do with such a life in which you aren't there? How can I be fine without you?"

One day, Manik had to meet a client in a remote area. On his way he saw the temple he had visited with Nandini on her birthdays.

Though Manik wasn't much of a believer, he had wished for Nandu's happiness the first time he was there. The next two times Nandu was with him and he knew she was happy, so he didn't bother to make a wish or pray to god.

Now Manik didn't know how to proceed further, he didn't have a clue as to where to look for Nandu. He remembered what Nandu had told him about that place. Nothing else had worked, he decided to try this option as well. He visited the temple and prayed to the idol.

Manik : "Please get my Jaan back to me or at least give me a clue where to look for her. If ...if she... isn't alive everyone thinks, then I don't want to live too."

He found it difficult to even utter the words that she may not be anymore. Probably god heard his plea and decided to fulfill it, but not exactly in the way Manik would have expected.

It was dark when he was on his way back home. A truck which was coming in the opposite direction lost track and hit Manik's car. Passers by admitted Manik to the nearest hospital and informed Manik's family about the same.

Manik was treated immediately and kept in a special private ward. The doctor who was in charge of Manik, was Abimanyu.

Abimanyu : "We have tried our level best to save his life.  We will keep monitoring him. We are hoping that he will gain conscious by end of day tomorrow."

The next day passed by, Manik hadn't gained conscious. But he showed a little response around lunch time.

Abimanyu : "He should have gained conscious by now, but he hasn't. But he did show a little response which is a good sign. We will have to continue monitoring him."

Same thing continued for the next two days. Manik showed a little response at exactly the same time, but he hadn't gained conscious yet.

Abhi : "What does he do usually at the time he shows response? Is there anything of significance happening around that time?"

Mukti : "He is usually at work at that time. I can't think of anything else that is significant."

The fourth day, his body did't show any response at all at that time. Abimanyu was checking Manik and Mukti was in Manik's room.

A girl walked into Abimanyu's cabin. She didn't find Abhi, so she found out where he is and came to Manik's room. She opened the door and Abhi signaled her to come in. She went and stood on the other side of the bed infront of Abhi.

Pari(whispered) : "Sorry, I was a little late today. I have kept your lunch in your cabin. Have it soon."

But before she could move from there, Manik's hand held her hand. She tried to take her hand slowly from Manik's hand, but Abimanyu stopped her.

Abhi : "Pari, please don't take your hand off for just a few minutes."

Since Abhi asked her not to, she didn't take her hand off. Instead she kept her other hand on Manik's hand.

After sometime, Abhi and Pari went to Abhi's cabin.

Pari : "What happened to him? Why did you ask me to hold on to his hand?"

Abhi explained what happened to Pari.

Pari : "Why was the girl in that room staring at me like she saw a ghost?"

When Pari walked into Manik's room, Mukti saw Pari and was shocked.

Abhi : "Why are you comparing yourself to a ghost? You are my angel, and probably you are my patient's angel too. He wasn't responding much all these days and today he showed improvement."

Pari : "Only my name means angel. You are talking as though I have some super natural powers."

Next day, Manik again showed response around the same time. Abhi didn't know the logic behind it, but figured out that Manik was showing response usually around the time Pari used to come to his cabin.

Abhi : "Do you remember that patient who held your hand on that day?"

Pari : "Yes."

Abhi : "Can you come and stay in his room for a few hours for a few days?"

Pari agreed. She used to spend some time in Manik's room and Manik started showing improvement. He gained conscious soon.

Mukti : "Thank god, you are fine. You scared us."

After a little while, Pari came to Manik's room. Manik saw Pari.

Manik : "Jaan you came back!"

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