Sequel - Part 5

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Manik was discharged from the hospital. He was alone in his room.

Manik : "All these days, I didn't know where you were. Now I know, but still I can't have you with me."

Manik thought about what Abhi told.

Manik : "Don't know how long it will take for her to regain her memories. Will I have to stay away from her till then?"

Manik : "What reason can I give to meet her? I still won't be able to see her often. Isn't there a way I can see her every day?"

After thinking a lot, he came up with a solution. He talked to Abhi about it.

Manik : "This is one option I could think of. She can work as my personal assistant. She used to rarely come to office earlier. So the environment is as you suggested and I will be around her."

Manik could have offered Nandu some other post. Then she would be in the office, but he couldn't have her in front of him all day.

Abhi : "Seems fine to me. I will talk to her. But you have to be careful, don't put too much pressure on her to remember her past."

Manik agreed.

Now Abhi had to convince Nandu for the job.

Abhi : "Pari, you were responsible for Manik's speedy recovery, so they wanted to do something in return."

Nandini/Pari : "What did I do Bhai? You are the doctor and you are responsible for his recovery, not me."

Abhi : "He started responding and improving because of you."

Abhi : "They have offered you a job as a personal assistant to Manik."

Nandini/Pari : "I don't even know how to do that job."

Abhi : "You don't have to worry about that. Someone will be there to guide you."

Nandini/Pari : "Hmm...but you don't usually let me go anywhere on my own, how come you are ok with this?"

Abhi : "It is more than a year now. What will you do sitting at home always?It will be a change for you too. I will call you and keep checking on you."

Abhi : "Driver will drop you and pick you up from the office. Don't go anywhere on your own. You can call me or ask Manik if you need anything."

Abhi : "Also don't tell anyone else that you don't remember your past. People may take advantage of it."

Nandini agreed.

Abhi : "I will give them your original name, which is Nandini. I don't want anyone else to call you as Pari, only I can call you like that. Ok."

Nandini/Pari : "Ok, but you never told me that my name was Nandini, you always call me Pari.Why?"

Abhi : "I will tell you why when time comes."

Abhi used to call her Pari, since he felt she was his angel. He didn't know her name until now and she didn't remember.

Abhi informed Manik about Nandini's approval.

Manik's family didn't want him to get back to work so soon. They wanted him to take rest and recover fully. But at the same time, they also knew that Nandini's presence would work more wonders on him than any medicine or rest.

Manik got a place set up for Nandini in his office room. He already had a personal assistant and she had a separate place to sit which was not in his cabin. How could Manik let Nandini sit somewhere else when that is the only time he could see her or be around her?

Manik was eagerly waiting for the day Nandini would start coming to his office.

Manik was behaving like a love sick puppy. He had not been able to see her since he was discharged from the hospital. He came into office earlier than usual and was waiting for her arrival. He would have been ready to welcome her at the entrance of the office, but he couldn't let her know how eagerly he had been waiting to see her.

A staff member escorted Nandini to Manik's cabin using the private elevator. Nandini knocked on the door.

Nandini : "May I come in sir?"

He straightened himself to behave normal.

Manik : "Come in."

Manik had made arrangements so that Nandu's start day would fall on her birthday, since that was the earliest date she could join on. It was her birthday, but it was treat for him to have her all day in front of him.

In the past, whenever he wanted to do something special on her birthdays, she would tell him that if he could spend his day with her then his presence would automatically make everything special. Now, she wasn't even aware that it was her birthday.

Manik showed Nandini the place she had to occupy and gave a quick tour of where things were in his office room. He would have been happy to have her just sit in front of him. But he couldn't do anything which would raise doubts in Nandini's mind. So he gave her some files.

Manik : "Since it is your first day here, you can just go though these files and familiarize yourself. From tomorrow, I will have someone guide you on what you need to do."

Nandini : "Ok sir."

He definitely didn't want to hear her calling sir.

Manik : "You can call me Manik."

Nandini : "You are my boss, so how can I call you by your name?"

Manik's thoughts : "I may be the boss for everyone else, but not for you. You are the one ruling my heart and mind."

Manik : "You knew me before you started working here too. You were calling me by my name then. So just continue to do the same now."

Nandini : "Ok sir...sorry Manik."

Nandini was looking at the files and trying to understand. It was after a long time she was in front of him that too for so long, so he had been looking at her and seeing her expressions now and then. Whenever she lifted her head from the files, he pretended as though he was busy in his work.

Manik remembered about their moment in the past.


Nandu was working on a project for college.Manik was sitting at a distance and looking at her changing expressions. Nandu looked at Manik and found Manik looking in her direction amused.

Nandu : "What are you looking at? You seem to be amused as though there is a comedian in front of you."

Manik : "Your face."

Nandu : "Do I look like a comedian to you?"

Manik : "No. But the changing expressions on your face are more entertaining than the acts of a comedian for me."

Flashback ends...

He came back to reality when Nandu's phone started ringing. Abhi had called to check on Nandu.

Manik's thoughts : "Earlier, I could keep looking at you,all  I want, without any restrictions. See my situation now, all I can do is steal glances at you."

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