Chapter Eleven

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Elena's POV:

I arrived at my house and went straight to the lounge. I found my mom and Ben sitting on the couch across each other in the living room talking. There were cupcakes with coffee on the table. I never told my mom why Ben and I were not friends anymore.

"Hey, mom," I said getting their attention.

I sat on the couch beside her and received a glare in return. I knew why she was glaring at me. She wanted me to explain why I didn't come home last night.

"Hey, you guys talk. I will be in the study if you need me," Mom said looking at me.

I nodded with the smile and she left.

"What are you doing here Ben?" I asked feeling angry at his presence in my house without my permission.

"You promised to meet me at the café we used to group study. I waited for you there like a fool," He said looking angry.

"You should have known that I wouldn't come," I said.

"Why are you doing this me? We were friends at one time," He said.

"Yes, we were friends, Ben. But we are not friends anymore. If you want to tell me anything you can talk to me right here." I said.

He looked around the living room then he put his hand on his knees like he was nervous and feels anxious.

"I have been trying to move on and get rid of the feelings I have for you," He said.

"That's great to know," I said with the genuine smile.

He rolled his eyes then leaned closer.

"I want you to come with me and meet my psychotherapist," He said.

I looked at him in complete shock and bewilderment.

"Are you serious? Or is this some kind of a joke?" You laughed little.

"He wants to meet you to understand me better. I want to be your friend again, Elena." He said.

I noticed the sadness on his face and the dark circles under his eyes. He was my friend once and I knew what a sweet guy he was before he started scaring me with his overprotectiveness and love.

"Give me the address of your psychotherapist and I'll come myself after my class," I said.

He looked really grateful and wrote the address on the notepad that I handed him.

I ripped the paper and held it in my hand.

"Was that all?" I asked him feeling the awkwardness around us.

His stared at me without blinking his eyes and I started to feel uncomfortable.

"I need to get ready for the college," I announced.

He nodded but didn't look away.

"Ben, I need you to leave now," I said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just took the medicines in the morning and my mind is a bit hazy." He said shaking his head.

"Did you get here yourself?" I asked him.

He frowned and answered, "Yes"

"You shouldn't drive after taking the medicine, it is dangerous," I said.

He smiled and got up.

"Don't worry, Elena. I'm not going to get hurt easily" He said.

I didn't want to tell him that I was worried about other people and not about him.

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