Chapter Twelve

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Elena's POV:

I woke up feeling a pain in my head and opened my eyes to find darkness around me. I recalled how something was smashed on my head to make me black out. I panicked and tried to get up but my hands and legs were tied down with rope.

I had no other chance but to yell for help.

"Help! Please, help me."

I was hoping someone would hear me.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of door and someone entered. A light coming from the torch fell on my face making me flinch.

"I'm glad you are awake."

Ben kneeled down in front of me and I felt the anger pulsing through my veins.

"What the actual f*ck is this Ben? My mom must be going crazy. I need to go home before my dad turns the city upside down."

He shook his head with an amused smile on his face making me angrier. I was glaring at him and he would be dead if I wasn't tied.

"You are mine and I am going to keep you here until you realize it," He smiled at me creepily.

I was boiling with anger. If my hands weren't tied I would definitely give him a piece of my mind.

"I'm not yours. This whole situation is not going to make me fall in love with you because I don't love you, Ben. You were only my friend and now you have lost that place too."

He was pacing in anger.

"Untie me this instance!" I yelled.

He kneeled down looking at me with anger.

"No, you are mine!" He yelled on my face making my heart jump in my chest.

He captured my neck making me froze. He squeezed it painfully and mercilessly, and tears brimmed in my eyes. I thought he was going to break my neck but he let go of me and took the step back. I coughed violently and rested my head on the floor.

"I'm so sorry, Elena. I didn't want to hurt you,"

I glanced at him with my blurred vision while trying to get my breathing back to normal. There were worry and horror on his face.

"I...I need water," I coughed.

He ran out of the room and came back with the water bottle. He kneeled down and put the bottle in my mouth. I gulped down the water feeling it sting my throat. I was actually scared of him at that moment. He was so near to squeeze the life out of me.

I laid my head on the dusty floor trying to calm my breathing. A tear rolled down from my eyes when I felt his hand caressing my head.

"You do what I say and I will not lose control. I'm taking the medicines and doctor said I will be able to control my anger soon." He said.

I closed my eyes thinking how I will get out from here.

"Ben, why are you doing this? Please, let me go. I will not tell anyone about this and maybe we can start afresh." I tried to convince with him.

He looked at me and made a thinking face. I was hoping he would let me go.

"No, I can't let you go without making you mine. I have waited long enough for you to come to me. Now, I am scared. After watching that guy kissing you in the middle of the college, I can't let him have you because you are mine. If he comes near you I will kill him." He said.

The color drained from my face after hearing him.

"What...what do you mean?" I asked him feeling myself shaking in fear.

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