Chapter Thirteen

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Elena's POV:

Suddenly, the police cars stopped outside the building. Ben panicked and moved to hide in the bushes. His eyes landed on me and he smirked.

"Oh, I see you are hiding here," He said.

He knew he had no chance to escape so did I.

I knew I needed to get away from him fast. I stood up and he pulled out something from his jacket.

Before I could run away from him, he pointed the gun at my head.

"Dear, Elena, you're my ticket to escape from here alive" He pulled me towards him and placed his arm around my shoulder.

It was quite dark for police to see what was happening and where we were standing because their focus was on the building. Some officers went inside while some stayed outside looking around the area.

"Stay still" He hissed.

"Remove your arm and keep this gun away from me" I hissed.

He tightened the grip of his arm and glared at me. The officers came out of the building and another car came to stop beside police cars. I knew that black car very well because it belonged to non-other than Jake Carter. Jake stepped out of the car looking angry and worried. He made his way to the officer and started talking to them.

My breath was stuck inside my throat to see him here. I wanted to go and hug him but the other part of me wanted him to leave this place without getting hurt.

"Look, who we have here, Elena. Your Prince Charming is here. Do you want me to prove to you how much I love you?" He captured my arm in a death grip.

"Ben, I... I'll go with you anywhere silently. Please, don't hurt anybody. He has done nothing to you." I begged.

"It's going to end tonight. It's him or me. I'm going to show you how much I love you." I felt myself tremble with fear. "Now, we are going in front of them so behave" He hissed in my ear.

He dragged us out and the police officers positioned their weapons on Ben's head. Jake face drained all the color when his eyes landed on me. He took the step forward. Ben pressed the gun on my head painfully making me hiss.

Jake stopped misstep and glared at Ben.

"If anyone takes the step closer, I will shot her then kill myself. So back off everyone!" Ben yelled.

The police took the step back but their weapons were still ready to take actions against, Ben.

"Let her go and surrender you" Police officer warned him.

"Let us leave and no one will get hurt. I love this girl and she will be fine with me" He yelled.

The police officer looked at me and he could tell that I don't look near to fine.

"Let the girl go or we will have to take you down!" The officer said.

I realized Jake was now standing a bit closer to us.

"Officer, let them leave. Here, take my car" Jake said and threw the car key.

I was confused and scared. I didn't want to go with Ben again. But the car key landed in the middle little of the ground. It was far from Ben and my foot.

I realized why Jake threw the keys. He wanted Ben to kneel down and pick them. But unfortunately, Ben was smart, and he dragged us closer to the key.

"Pick the key" He hissed in my ear.

Jake clenched his jaw when I kneeled down to pick the key while Ben kept the gun pointed at my head.

I gave the key to him and he smiled. Ben started to drag us towards the car when one of the policemen shot at his leg. It pierced into his leg but he didn't let go of my arm.

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