Chapter fourteen

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Jake's POV:

I felt soft caresses on my jaw and opened my eyes. It was really bright; the sun was just shining above my face. I looked around and realized I was lying on the grass in the garden. I sat up feeling confused.

Someone placed a hand on my shoulder making me stiff. I turned back and found Hanna. She had a same beautiful smile on her face. Her black hair and her skin were glowing. She had a gold like an aura around her.

I was shocked and confused to find her in front of me.

"Jake," She called my name snapping me out of the shock.

"Hanna, baby, I missed you so much," I said cupping her face and showering it with kisses.

Her skin felt so light, so smooth and soft like a cloud.

She smiled at me and put her hand on my jaw.

"I missed you too, Jake. But I'm so happy here. This is where I live and it's so peaceful," She said making me look around the garden.

The garden was breathtaking and peaceful just like heaven.

"Is this heaven?" I asked her confused.

"Yes, it's something like heaven, Jake. You're not on the earth anymore." She said with the soft smile.

"Am I dead? How did I die?" I asked her noticing how my body felt light.

"You're not dead. You are here to meet me. I want to tell you something." She said.

"I don't want to hear anything. Just tell me how can I stay here with you? I'll do anything to be with you." I begged her holding her hand.

She looked at me with a frown.

"Don't you want to know how Elena is?"

My mind suddenly recalled everything that happened.

"Shit! What happened to her? Is she alright?" I asked her feeling worried and scared.

"She's fine. She is waiting for you to wake up." Hanna said.

Her hand brushed with mine and I felt ripples of shock. Her eyes widened and she looked panic.

"I don't have much time. Hear me carefully, Jake. You need to give her a chance. She is the one for you. Don't push her away. She deserves you." Hanna said.

I was confused. I couldn't understand what she wanted me to do.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her.

She shook her head then pulled me closer.

"Don't reject Elena's love just because what we had in past. I know you love me and there would always be a part of your heart that will love me. But I'm not the part of your world anymore. I can't be with you and I don't want to be with you. I lived my life the way I wanted then my time was over on the earth. You are the part of the different world now and you need a partner, a lover, and someone to take care of your broken heart. I know how many things have been ripped away from you. I know how much pain you are in. But your time is not over on the earth and someone needs you there. So go back there and don't stop your life because you lost me. I was your past and that girl is your future. Open your heart for that lovely girl and let her mend your heart, Jake." She said and placed her hand on my heart.

I was frozen all that time just listening to her. I couldn't move and say anything.

Suddenly, my eyes landed on her and the man standing beside her. The man's face looked blurry so I couldn't tell who he was. He put his arm on Hanna's shoulder and she smiled at him. Then she pushed me and I started to fall backward. I didn't know where I was falling.

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