Chapter Fifteen

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Elena's POV:

I woke up feeling a slap on my face and found furious Anna standing near my bed hovering above me.

I was confused for a moment and looked around to realize that I was still in the hospital.

It was dark outside and it meant I slept all afternoon.

Maybe I was tired.

"You bitch! I was going crazy when your mom called and asked me about you. Then I called every f*cking person in the college to just know if you were with them?" She said looking angry.

"I'm so sorry, Anna. I had no idea this would happen." I said feeling ashamed for not sharing it with her.

She threw a glare at my way then hugged me. Honestly, I was expecting her to beat the shit out of me rather than hugging me. I embraced her back knowing how worried she might be for me all that time.

"Are you trying to kill me kindly? I can't breathe because of your strong hold." I said to her.

She pulled away from me and I noticed tears in her eyes.

"If you pull something like this again, don't expect me to talk to you ever," She threatened.

I smiled at her and pulled her into another tight hug.

"I will never do something like this again. You and Sharon know everything. You know why I didn't tell anyone about him. He came to my home and coaxed me into believing that his doctor wanted to meet me. I shouldn't have trusted him." I felt the guilt and memories of that horrible night penetrating my mind.

"He is getting what he deserves," Anna said.

"What do you mean?" I was baffled.

"He was shot in the chest by the police. He is in a lot of pain but alive. I heard your dad say that Ben will be going straight to prison for the stunt that he had pulled by kidnapping you. Your cousin Chris will be looking at the case himself." She told me.

I knew my dad would do everything to get Ben far away from me. If it wasn't a crime, my dad would have himself dragged Ben to the hell to take the revenge.

Sometimes, I wondered what happened in the past to make my dad so protective of his family.

Christopher is the best lawyer in the New York running his own law firm and happened to be my cousin from my father's side. If he would come to Boston to look at this case, it only means one thing that Ben will be going to put behind the bars for a long time.

I felt disgusted thinking about him. But there was this small side in my heart that felt pity for him.

"Where's Sharon?" I asked her.

"She was here with me waiting for you to wake up. She went to use the washroom and I decided to wake you up." Anna said.

"Wow, what a great friend I have. You woke me up by slapping me on the face knowing that I am in the hospital." I teased her.

"I know we are in the hospital and they can fix all the damage that I would inflict on you for reducing ten years of my life by making me worry for you," She said with the glare.

Sharon entered looking flustered then her eyes landed on me.

"Thank god, you are awake. I was falling into a sleep by just looking at you," She said with the sigh.

Anna and I couldn't stop the laugh that escaped from our mouths. Sharon made her way to me and hugged me.

They spend an hour with me talking about things and making a stay in a hospital little less boring. They even bought a pizza for me because I was done eating tastelss food of the hospital.

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