Chapter Ninteen

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Elena's POV:

"Are you J-Jenny's son?" She asked.

Jake froze and my eyes widened in shock.

The woman was staring at us and we were gawking at her in shock.

I decided to speak because Jake looked terrified to speak.

"How do you know Jenny?"

The woman turned her attention to me and frowned.

"She used to work here in my café when she was a young little girl." She said.

My hand was resting on the table and he slowly moved his hand and placed it over mine. I could see it on his face that he was scared to find out more about his mother.

"How did you recognize him that he is her son? Did she talk to you about him?"

I asked her hoping that she would tell something that will explain why Jake had to spend his childhood without his mother.

"No, I just assumed that he is her son because he looks a lot like her." The woman laughed lightly.

Jake's grip tightened on my hand. The hopefulness and sadness were clear on his face.

"What do you know about her?" I asked with the smile.

"She used to work in this café in her teens. In this town, she is the only one, who has this unique shade of green eyes with gold specks in it." The woman said looking at Jake.

I knew she wasn't blabbering. Jake has a unique pair of green eyes. He told me that his mother had the same eyes and same hair.

She looked at Jake again with a curious gaze.

"When did you meet her last time?" I asked her.

"After a very long time, she stopped by here yesterday to have coffee. She told me she has a son, so I just thought he would be him,"

Jake's face went pale and his hand started to tremble.

"Y-You met her yesterday?"

I was shocked.

"What did you guys talk about?" I asked her.

"She showed me the gift her husband gave her on their 20th wedding anniversary. Then she told me that she needs to go home to prepare things as her son is coming back from London," she said.

At the moment, we realized that she was talking about some other woman.

"Sorry, you are mistaking me as someone else. My mother is Jenny Anderson," Jake asked.

His voice cracked in the end.

"Yes, I am talking about Jenny Anderson. But this town knows your mother as Mrs. Jenny Patrick. She changed her name after the marriage with Mr. Patrick." The woman said with a small laugh.

Jake got up from the chair and picked his jacket from the chair. He walked out of the café leaving me alone.

I was sitting there frozen in shock.

The poor woman looked confused.

I understood why she never came back to meet Jake. She had a family—a family. She had a loving husband and a son, so why would she want Jake.

Then it hit me that Jake had another half-brother.

Holy Zingiberales!

"Do you know where she lives?" I asked her.

"Yes, she lives a bit far away in a beautiful mansion. She also ordered this cake that my husband is going to deliver in the evening," The woman said.

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