Sequel - Part 11

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Thank you all for your valuable votes and comments! It always motivates me to continue writing.

I went through the comments and figured out that you are curious to know when Nandu will regain her memory. She will in a few more parts, but that would also be the end of this sequel. Hope you don't lose interest in the story because of that.

This sequel is all about how Manan separate, how Manik finds Nandu, how Manik doesn't lose hope and tries everything to get Nandu back. However, there are antagonists in their path. You have already met one of the them, that is Soha. She will try to separate Nandini from Manik in her own ways. There will be entry of one more antagonist, who plays a smaller role than Soha.

I hope you will continue to read and enjoy the story. Thank you once again!

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Soha continued with her usual antics to get closer to Manik, but Manik didn't pay any attention to her. Manik's concentration was either on his work or Nandu, so he didn't realize about Soha's intentions. Nandini was observing what Soha was up to since she was in the same room. Soha's antics were kind of amusing to Nandu.

Soha's thoughts : "Manik sir doesn't pay attention to me at all nowadays. He used to look at me often when i used to guide Nandini.  Nandini has become closer to him though she joined recently. I have been working with him longer than her, but haven't been able to proceed even a few steps ahead from an employee-boss relationship. Manik sir takes her everywhere with him, but he never took me with him even if i asked him if i could join him."

Soha's thoughts : "What if their closeness leads to something else... no.. no.. i can't let that happen. Nandini has already replaced me professionally, i can't let her snatch Manik Sir from me. I have been waiting patiently all these months, i won't let Nandini ruin it. I will have to figure out a way to keep Nandini away from Manik sir. I have to come up with something soon... very soon. Then my path will be clear both personally and professionally."

Soha was temporarily transferred to the event management team since Nandini had taken entire responsibility of a personal assistant.

One evening, Manik had to stay after office hours to complete his work. Though Manik told Nandini to go home, she stayed back so that she can assist Manik if required. Manik took a break from work. He asked Nandini to join him. Manik went to the balcony, Nandini went to get hot beverages for them. When she came back, she saw Manik gazing at the stars.

Nandu : "Do you like gazing at the stars?"

Manik : "Yes.. do you?"

Nandu : "Yes. They are always shining."

Manik : "What comes to your mind when you see the stars?"

Nandu : "They are so high in the sky that we can't reach them. We cannot touch them even if we wish to."

Manik : "We cannot touch them directly, but we can touch their reflection. Have your ever thought of them as a symbol of hope?"

Nandu : "No. How are they symbol of hope?"

Manik : "The stars are always shining though there is darkness all around. It gives a hope that however bad things are at the present, things will turn out fine in the future."

Nandu : "You mean i can still hope to get my memory back?"

Manik : "Yes. It may take time, but you will regain your memory if you try."

Nandu : "I have not been able to remember anything so far. What if i don't get back my memory at all?"

Manik : "Why are you thinking so negatively? Hope for the best and keep trying new things. You never know what might trigger your memories. If you still don't, you would have learnt new things and you can create new memories."

Manik felt that Nandini wasn't being positive, so he reintroduced her belief to herself.

Manik remembered their moments in the past. Nandini liked gazing at the stars and he would join her. Either they were cuddling under the stars or Manik would lay down placing his head on Nandu's lap and she would run her fingers through his hair. Nandini had told him about another belief that their future is written in the stars and certain things are beyond their control.

Nandini had entered Manik's life when he was least expecting her. Manik had decided to get Nandini out of her life at the earliest. But destiny had other plans. Manik was impressed with Nandu's good nature, he became friends with her. Manik didn't realize when Nandu became an inseparable part of his life and he eventually fell in love with her. Whatever happened then had happened for his own good.

They were living happily together, but their lives took a drastic turn once again. Manik lost her, it was his hope that she is alive that kept him going. His belief turned true, but still they aren't together as earlier. Now,he is hoping that Nandu will regain her memory sooner or later and their good times will be back again.

A few days later, Manik met Cabir. During their conversation,

Cabir : "How are things between you and Nandini now?"

Manik : "I am taking her out with me in the pretext of work. I am trying to get closer to her."

Cabir : "Not bad. You are having romance in the name of work."

Manik : "I didn't mean in that sense. I am trying to make sure she is comfortable around me. I am trying to reintroduce her to her likes, hoping that she will remember something. But nothing seems to be working so far. She considers me a good friend now."

Cabir : "That is still good. Otherwise, you were stuck in a rut without her. Your belief has brought you till here, it will take you further too. Soon, you will get back your good times."

Cabir : "Now that you both are good friends, are you planning to tell her about the past? Or are you just going to wait for her to regain her memory."

Manik : "I will wait for some more time. But if i see no signs of her regaining her memory, then i will have to tell her. Meanwhile, i will have to make sure that she is more comfortable around me. I don't want her to distance herself from me when i tell her the truth. I will wait for the right time. Once i feel she trusts me enough to believe me, i won't wait. But i am still worried how she will take it when she comes to know about us?"

Cabir : "All the best! Don't worry, everything will turn out fine."

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