Sequel - Part 15

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Soha had tried everything she could think of, to distance Nandini from Manik. Nandini still remained close to Manik in spite of Soha's warnings.

Soha : "What else can I do to remove Nandini from my path? Nothing seems to be working."

That is when she remembered Harshad and his threat to Nandini.

Soha : "I have to approach Harshad. They say enemy's enemy is your friend. I couldn't do anything on my own. But two minds are better than one. If he still wants to take revenge from Nandini, I can use him to my advantage."

Manik talked to Abhi and Abhi felt it was ok for Manik to go ahead and tell Nandu about their past.

Manik : "You wanted to know about your past. I know you have a lot of questions. What I am going to tell now will answer all your questions. I want you to listen calmly and not stress yourself."

Manik : "I told you earlier that you have a family waiting for you. The other day I took you to my uncle and aunt's house. They are actually your parents. I am your husband. It is almost 5yrs since we are married."

Manik told Nandu how he lost her and he tried looking for her, but couldn't find her. When he found her she had lost her memory.

Manik : "Abhi suggested that we should take it slow and not put too much pressure on you to remind you about the past. So I didn't tell you about it so far. The rest you know..."

Nandu didn't respond. She had guessed a few things, but there were lot more things she didn't know. It took sometime for her to understand and process all the information he had given her.

Manik : "Are you alright?"

Nandu : "Yes..I am. But I am not able to remember anything. I need some time."

Manik : "Sure. You can take all the time you want. But please don't think of going away from me for any reason. I am ready to wait however long it takes."

Nandu wanted to go home, so Manik dropped her home. He informed Abhi about the same.

Meanwhile, Soha contacted Harshad.

Soha : "I want to talk to you about something important. Can you meet me at xyz place?"

Harshad : "It may be important to you, not to me. Why should I meet you?"

Soha : "I think this matter is important to you as well. You will come to know what it is, if you meet me. I can't tell you anything over the phone."

Harshad met Soha.

Harshad : "I don't think we have anything in common that can be important to both of us."

Soha : "We Do. Nandini. I was there when she punched you and I heard you telling that you wanted to take revenge."

Harshad had kept a watch on Nandini's movements whenever he could, with the intention of finding a right time to teach her a lesson. But he couldn't catch her alone. She was either with the boss, her brother or her driver(who wasn't less than a bodyguard).

Harshad : "What is in it for you?"

Soha : "She snatched my position from me. She has become a hinderance in my path. So I want to get rid of her."

Harshad and Soha discussed and decided that they both will keep a close watch on Nandini. They would wait for a time when Nandini is alone and grab that chance to kidnap her. Once she is under their control, they can do whatever they want with her.

After a few days,

Nandu : "I have been trying to, but I am still not able to remember anything. But I know that I feel for you and I would like to be with you always. Will you help me get back my memories?"

Manik took her home. He showed her their photos and described to her when they were taken. He told her about some other moments which he didn't have photos of. He also mentioned how he had been reintroducing things to her since he met her. But nothing helped and Nandu was in tears.

Nandu : "You have been trying so much to remind me of our past, but I can't remember anything at all."

Manik cupped her face with his hands and wiped her tears. He wanted her to remember about them, but didn't want her to be stressed out.

Manik : "It's alright. Don't stress yourself. It may take more time, but you will regain your memory."

Nandu : "What if I don't get my memory back at all? I don't want you to suffer because of me. I want you to be happy."

Manik : "My happiness lies in you. It doesn't matter whether you remember about our past or not. I just need you to be with me. We can create new memories together."

Nandu : "I may never know how things felt before."

Manik : "I can recreate the moments in the past for you."

Nandu was ready to move to their house in a few more days.

It was the 75th anniversary of the company. The celebration was held at a resort. Currently, everyone from the company had gathered in a huge hall on the second floor. The party was in full swing. Nandu hadn't been to such a huge gathering in the recent past, she began to feel suffocated in that surrounding.

Nandini : "I will go out for sometime, I need some fresh air."

Manik : "I will come with you."

Nandini : "How can you leave the party being one of the main hosts? You stay here, I will be back soon."

Manik : "Ok. Don't go far and call me immediately if necessary."

Nandu went out of the back door since that was the closest. She didn't have to go much further since she was in the open air. She felt relieved. She was observing the surroundings that is when she looked down and realized she was on the second floor. She remembered how she had panicked in the past and decided to go from there immediately.

Meanwhile, Soha had observed Nandu leaving the hall and she informed Harshad immediately.Since she was part of the event management group and had been there earlier, she had an idea of the layout of the resort. Both Soha and Harshad made sure no one was observing them and left the hall from the front door. They reached the back side using another way. They covered their faces using a mask and approached Nandini.

Soha and Harshad caught Nandu's hands and tried to drag her.Nandu was taken aback at first, but after figuring out the situation she tried to free herself from them. Nandu tried to scream for help, but Harshad covered Nandu's mouth with his hand. Since they caught her hands, Nandu used her legs to hit them.

Soha : "She is making it difficult for us, let's lift her and carry her."

Harshad realized no one could hear Nandini even if she screams for help, so he took off his hand from her mouth. Soha and Harshad were lifting Nandu off the ground. Since both Nandu's hands and legs weren't free, she bit Harshad with all her might.

Harshad screamed in pain. His one hand automatically went to the place where Nandu had bit him. Soha couldn't balance Nandu though Harshad was holding Nandini with the other hand.She didn't expect Harshad to let go of Nandini suddenly. Nandini also was struggling to free herself and in this struggle Nandu ended up falling of the rails from the second floor.

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