Chapter Twenty

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Elena's POV:

I was just staring at the woman in wonder and sorrow. She was refusing to acknowledge the presence of her son that she left behind when he was only eight.

Can any mother do this with her own child?

My question was answered when she smiled and said, "We're celebrating my daughter's thirteenth birthday today. Why don't you both join us?"

Jake let go of my hand. I noticed how numb my hand had turned due to his strong grip.

I glanced at Jake; he looked ready to burst into tears or anger. I wanted to shield him from the further pain.

"Thank you for the offer, Mrs. Patrick. I think we'd like to leave. It was nice meeting you,"

I knew I sounded bitter.

Jenny gave an uncertain smile.

I took the step forward only to be halted by a sweet voice.

"I'd love it if you guys stay."

The girl was smiling at me sweetly with excitement in her eyes.

"I'm sorry. Happy Birthday..."

"Ross Patrick," She said her name holding her hand out.

"Happy Birthday, Ross. I hope you celebrate more wonderful birthdays with your family," I said with the smile.

"Thank you," she said staring at Jake instead of me.

I didn't understand why she was staring at him star-struck, but it did make me feel little uneasy.

"Can you guys stay? Please!" She said looking between me and Jake.

"Ross, maybe they need to go somewhere, you don't tormenter people to stay with you," her brother teased her.

She walked to Jake and took hold of his wrist surprising us all.

"You didn't even say Happy Birthday to me. It's really rude not to wish someone as cute as me." She said with a small glare.

Jake and I looked at her in surprise. I wanted to laugh at her statement and Jake's stunned face.

"H-Happy Birthday," He chocked little.

I knew he just wanted to leave before he blurts out something impetuous.

"I'd really like it if you stay for lunch," she said looking Jake.

"At least have lunch with us if you can't stay for a birthday celebration," Mr. Patrick added.

Jake glanced at me, begging me to save him, but I couldn't do anything in that situation.

"We can stay for lunch," I mumbled.

Jake closed his eyes and shook his head.

Ross jumped in excitement, looking exceptionally happy.

"That's great! I want to show you my garden. I've planted some of my favorite flowers there? Come with me, Jake,"

She dragged him with her towards the garden looking cheerful as I stand there stunned, staring at their retracting figure.

"I think she has a sudden crush on your boyfriend," His brother snorted. "By the way I am Tyler,"

I shook his hand with a polite smile.

Eden glared at son and said, "Why don't you see what your sister is up to?"

Tyler walked lazily towards the direction where Ross disappeared with Jake. I was about to follow them when Jenny stopped me by her statement.

"Elena, would you like to help me in the kitchen?"

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