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Hi All,

I have started writing a new story "Manan - Temporary Girlfriend". Five parts of the story are already published.

 Five parts of the story are already published

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Nandini is an orphan. She is working in Mumbai and lives in an apartment. Her boss, Arya is also a good friend of hers. Nandini has a very big heart.

Alya is Nandini's house mate, they share an apartment. Alya has a boyfriend, Manik. Manik and Alya have been in a relationship from past few months.

Manik is from a traditional joint family. He owns a company in partnership with his friend Dhruv in Mumbai. He is staying away from his family because they reside in a small city, away from Mumbai.

Certain circumstances arise because of which Alya requests Nandini to act as Manik's temporary girlfriend.

What are those circumstances? Will Nandini's helping nature cost her? Or will Alya's idea backfire? How do the circumstances change the course of all their lives?

Hope you will give it a try and encourage me as you have done with my previous stories!

Thank you!

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