Chapter Twenty Two

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Jake's POV:

I showered, got dressed, and went downstairs to have breakfast. I halted in the middle when I noticed Elena chatting to some woman that I could not recognize. As I walked closer, I got a better look at the woman.

Suddenly, I felt panicked at the presence of my mother. I did not want to go through the same pain that I went through when she did not welcome me in her arms, yesterday.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in an annoyed voice.

My mother and Elena's eyes snapped up, they watched me with wide eyes. I was waiting for them to answer me.

"I invited her to have breakfast with us," Elena said.

I pinched the bridge of my nose, feeling irritated at her for inviting my mother. I knew her intentions were good; she was just trying to help me reform my long lost relationship with my mother.

"I wanted to meet you, son." My mother said.

I felt my throat clogged up with emotions, but anger took over washed away all these emotions quickly.

"If I remember correctly, I am the boy that you used to babysit," I said bitterly. I did not want to sound hostile but I could not help it.

Yesterday, when I dared to meet her, I was hoping she would feel to see me but she looked scared.

My mother did not look offended at my response, she stood their calmly like she was expecting this from me. I glanced at Elena to find her glaring at me. I knew Elena wanted me to get along with my mother but she had no idea what was it like to feel unwanted by your parents.

"I'm sorry. I need some air," I excused myself before I would say things that are more hurtful.

I made my way to the balcony hoping that my mother would leave.

I did not understand why she was here and what she could possibly do more to injured my fragile heart.

I took a deep breath to calm down the anger that was bubbling inside me.

A minute later, I heard the sound of footsteps and looked over my shoulder to see my mother.

"Why are you here?"

She stood beside me silently looking around at the beach. Her presence was making me restless; I wanted to escape from the conversation that was about start.

"I'm here to apologize to you," she mumbled.

A sarcastic laugh escaped from my mouth catching her attention.

"You are here to apologize to me for what? Leaving me, never looking back at me, or calling me the boy you used to babysit?" I said in anger.

She gazed at me with her green eyes glistening with tears.

"I'm here to apologize for being a selfish mother," she uttered.

Her answer did not make my heart melt but it made me happy that she knew how selfish it was to leave your child and never look back.

"When you became my babysitter, I felt a connection with you. Finally, before dying, father told me you were my mother. It did not shock me, because somewhere in the back of my mind, I always knew. I had been searching for you since then. But I never thought I would find you here." I said.

She stayed quiet and it pained me to see that my word had no effect on her.

"You did not want me, right? You still don't want me." I said feeling angry.

"I did not want you," she confessed. She did not look sad at her statement. However, her words ripped my heart out.

"I guess, it was clear when you left and never tried to contact me," I said with a sad smile.

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