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Five days have passed since I arrived, feeling more like five months.

The workouts have gotten more grueling, and they're taking a toll on my mental and physical health. The pain gets put on the back burner every time I see Axel, as his oddly calm yet effective style of training has grown on me.

Or maybe it's the beautiful face. Don't know yet.

I sigh as I pick up my phone, going through my missed notifications. A FaceTime call pops up, and I smile when I notice it's Poppy. I accept the call, and her face appears on the screen, her normally bright blue-green eyes drooping slightly at the corners.

"Whitney!" she exclaims and waves at me through the camera. "I'm so happy you answered; I've been dying to talk to you."

"Hey!" I shoot a smile back. "What's going on? Is it the wedding?"

She nods, rubbing her forehead. "Yeah, Levi's parents are visiting from New York." From the dread in her tone, it doesn't sound good.

"Is it that bad?"

She sighs and runs a hand through her blondish hair. "Let's just say if we were living in The Purge, our mom and Levi's would have already killed each other without question. You know, as if I needed more more problems with Mom."

"Oh my god, now I need the details. What do they act like around each other?"

"Let's see. Insulting each other's looks indirectly, claiming each wedding idea the other comes up with is shit—even if both would have liked it otherwise—and then waging a war over whose child is more perfect? Did neither of them get the memo we're twenty-two, not twelve?"

"Maybe they're the ones acting like twelve-year-olds," I mumble, cringing at the mental picture. "What about Levi's dad?"

"Oh, Dave? He and Dad act like long lost friends. Dad showed him the golf course the other day, and they've spent nearly every afternoon there. Well, it's either that, or they're trying to avoid their wives. Don't blame them at this point."

"That's good, at least," I mumble. But it isn't much of a surprise, since he's always preferred the country club to spending time at home.

"Yeah, I know, but I'm so anxious about all the planning. Levi keeps forcing me to meditate with him, but he doesn't understand that calming shit doesn't work for me. I have to worry it all out."

"Hey, hey," I soothe, "it's still only June. I'm sure they'll be able to reach a compromise soon, and you and Levi will get your dream wedding." She sighs and smiles, dragging her hands through her hair again. "But if you'd let me ask, why are you diving so quickly into the idea of a wedding? Don't you think it's a bit soon?"

She shrugs. "I mean, we've been together for four years, so I don't see why a wedding is that unrealistic," she says, adjusting her position on her bed. "Besides, Nana married Grandpa after, like, four months, so this can't be that bad."

"Yeah, but that was like 1960, Poppy."

"1960, now, what's the difference?" she jokes, waving her hand in the air. Smartphones, email, women's rights—you know, the works, I don't add. "I just don't wanna be one of those couples that are like forty and still dating, you know? I'm ready to tie the knot, so you bet I'm gonna do it. Mom can't get in the way of everything I do for God's sake."

"I admire your determination, to be honest. I can hardly motivate myself to get out of bed here sometimes."

"Speaking of that, how is everything? Is the camp meeting your expectations?"

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