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No P.O.V

The Gods appear in their way of showing off as they look at each other, ready to  start the meeting. The Goddess of Tech, Amarossa spoke first as she looked around the room "I believe we all know who is coming and it is our jobs as gods to defeat him" The God of War,Pantheon spoke next "I say we take the fight to him!" He said as he stabbed his sword into the table. The god of magic, Magi sighed pulling the sword out with his magical capabilities. "You do not need to be so brash" Magi said as he handed the sword back to the battle ready god. The meeting hall shook as an explosion went off, pulling the gods into an unknown place for however long it would take for someone to find them.

Alitha P.O.V

She ran through the trees, watching her teachers try to chase her even though she had grown up in these woods for most of her life. It was exciting to be free from that damned school of fighting. "Holy Hell,I haven't had a rush like that since middle school" she said as she pulled off her helmet, letting her hair flow into the wind. She laid down on the soft grass as the birds chirp their soft melody. She hums along as she looks into the light seeing a figure appear get closer and closer as he plummets to earth, the figure got up as he looked around. "Where am i?" He asked as he looked at Alitha before getting punched in the face. "Who are you and more importantly what are you?" She asked as he sighed. "I am Chaos" he said as his ash dark clothes shifted to a grey and his eyes turn yellow. "Well thank you for answering me" she said as they decided to team up and head out of the woods to her house.

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