Feeling of Security

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Raynas P.O.V
Shatter , Clank. " ALPHA STOP YOURE GOING TO BREAK APART THE WAITING ROOM " , a familiar voice is heard in the distance followed by the sound of a low growl that sent shivers down into my stomach . " I DONT CARE , WHY IS SHE HERE AND WHY CANT I SEE HER !"!A deep also familiar sounding voice yells . Though they were screaming the voice calmed me and I felt myself longing to hear more of it . Slowly but surely I sit up dammit I wince a little at the slight pain in my stomach.
" Alois , James told me to not let anyone into that room outside of him , this is under direct order of the ex alpha ." The woman's voice said softly almost in a pleading way. Wait .. Alois ? The name alone bringing an oddly warm feeling to my body , I force myself to get up almost falling down in the process. catching myself on the bed I stood up slowly , unconnecting the monitor I'm hooked up to my way to the door with a slight limp . No it can't be him , you're delusional why would he be in a hospital? I think to myself as my hand slowly grips the cold bronze door knob . " What does my father have to do with -" the sentence is cut short as I turn the knob . I push the door open and see Mr . Finn across from my room door talking to.. Ms.Kathy?  Am i at school? It doesnt look like the school I think to myself , " Sweetheart you need to lie back down youre not supposed to be out of bed yet ." Ms. Kathy says with a small frown .  And as if on que my legs give out under me Mr finn however quickly catching me , our eyes lock and I'm drawn into his cold grey blue eyes as a warm feeling erupting from where our skin touches . I take this time to take a good look at him and his features, his arms muscular, not too much to where it's scary but defined enough to show he clearly has strength . My eyes trace his frame upwards but my gawking is interrupted by " So do you just stare at everyone that catches you like this , or am I exception because of how attractive you think I am" His deep voice sends a slight shiver down my body causing my legs to squeeze closed . He stands me up straight but not before leaning closer to my face whispering in my ear " I don't know what you're thinking about right now love but I suggest you stop it" Shocked and embarrassed i glare at him intensely " Shut it ." I mumble as my face gets redder by the second . I turn to go back to my room not wanting to be near him any longer , only to almost fall again . He quickly grabs me and carries me like a baby into the room gently placing me back on the bed. For this to be a hospital the beds were quite comfortable.  I mutter a quick thanks and we sit in silence with him sneaking glances at me from his chair Across from me for what feels like forever until I finally ask him to send Ms.Kathy in because I have a few questions. " I can answer them for you" he says hopefully, " Id really rather Ms.Kathy answer them..." I say , an expression of hurt crosses through his eyes for a moment before his face turns to a cold look and he leaves sending in Ms. Kathy. It's not him I just can't think straight sometimes when I'm near him and I don't want him to see me like this.." Hey there sweet pea ." She says with her normal ear to ear smile as she closes the door behind her . " Hey.." I start off " where am I ?" I ask , her stance changes as she tenses a little but quickly covers it . " Youre at a private hospital right now" she says as she adjusts something on the heart monitor reconnecting me to it . Hospital ? They would never take me there, it would raise too many questions. " How did I get here ?" I ask slightly worried beep, beep, beep. The heart monitor increasing a little As I start to panic .

" Hey hey hey , calm down, Alois's father brought you here . At the dinner he and your parents had you passed out so he called James and had him bring you here immediately. " She says softly as she places her hand on my shoulder. I flinched slightly as she touched my bruised shoulder. Her face twisted into a frown at the action restricting her hand. Sure looked worried so I issued her a soft smile before saying okay . " How long will I be here ?" I ask unsure , " Thats up to the Ex Alp- Alois's father and doctor James to decide. However your family does know you're here so dont worry ." She says smiling. So they do know I'm here I think to myself . I wonder why they let me go, but then again it would probably look bad on them if their guest just saw me passed out . Ms Kathy's eyes looked glazed over for a moment, as if she was lost in thought, her face slightly frowned up before she returned to her smile leaving hurriedly out my room door with a quick " see you later" . Alone again I think to myself before turning over on my side....

2 hours later
Im woken up out of my sleep to the feeling of cold metal around my wrists and a substance being sent through my veins. Instantly I begin panicking and my heart is racing , Someone help me  As Im about to scream a Hand suddenly covers my mouth. " I wouldn't do that if I were you" the familiar voice says sending a feeling of disgust and fear down my spine. My eyes becoming teary, I look up to see where its coming from and its none other than My father..

This has to be a dream right? The doctor had to have seen the bruises ? There's no way .

"Oh I'm Did you think you were being saved Rayna? Oh no no no . Because of you my whole plan is in shambles so now. So now.. You have to pay the price." He spits out with a sickening smile on his face.

I soon felt as though the strength I had was being drained from my body .

Someone. Anyone. Please save me

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