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Queen of the Night is joining the Paid Stories Program!

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I am beyond excited to announce that Queen of the Night is joining the Paid Stories program on Wattpad. This edition of the story is fully edited in liaison with professionals at Wattpad HQ. It also includes a whole new Chapter 19, if you're a returning reader! 

This book has been my passion project of almost ten years, the result of countless hours of writing, revising and formatting. The first chapter was originally released as Chance right here on Wattpad — in 2015, if you can believe it! Thanks to your help, this story has seen several revisions, titles and covers since that day, all of which steered me towards this amazing opportunity: to work closely with Wattpad to realise the story's full potential, and give it the loving coat of polish the Witchfire Series community deserves. 

It would mean the world to me if you would consider supporting me in this venture. Every read, vote, comment and coin helps this story to grow, and who knows — maybe we'll even get to see Queen of the Night on shelves one day! 

However, I also understand that not everyone can access the Paid Stories program at this time. That's why I continue to offer stand-alone titles on my Wattpad profile for free — most of them set in the same story universe as Queen of the Night. I would be delighted if you decided to invest your time in my stories.

What is the Paid Stories program? 

The Paid Stories program provides the community with a way to financially support their favourite writers. Every time you unlock a chapter or a whole story, you help a lucky writer (like me!) to spend more time doing what they love (writing — of course!). As I'm too fond of food to become a full-time starving artist, joining the Paid Stories program is a huge opportunity, and dare I say a dream come true. 

How much does a Paid Story cost? 

The first six chapters of Queen of the Night will be available to read for free. You can then unlock additional chapters with Wattpad coins, or purchase the story outright using coins. 

The total cost will depend on whether you prefer to unlock one chapter at a time, or the whole story at once. Purchasing the whole story at once is cheaper in the long run! You can also unlock Paid Stories through a Wattpad Premium + membership. 

For more information about the Paid Stories program and how to access this story, please visit the following links:

Thank you. 

Finally, I would like to thank you guys personally, for perpetually inspiring me throughout my writing journey. You have been instrumental in encouraging me to place genuine value in my work, and the feedback you've provided me with over the years has helped me to improve upon my writing in ways I hadn't thought possible. Thank you. I couldn't have reached this milestone without you.

Without further ado, I'll quote my old man (who I'm pretty sure is quoting an old episode of Australian idol when he says): "It's all about the journey, man." I have thoroughly enjoyed mine; I hope you enjoy yours! 

... what are you guys still doing here? Adventure awaits! 

Stay toasty,

- A. J. 

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