An Uninvited Guest

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Johnathans POV

I smirk making my way to the car throwing Rayna in the passenger seat. He's not dumb enough to do anything while I have  his mates life in my hands . 

20 mins have passed and I look over at Rayna who's still unconscious from the serum I gave her . That should be enough for someone of her caliber.   Turning my attention back to the road I see someone standing in the middle of the road. What the hell

Squinting my eyes I make out a male figure however I don't sense a scent or power from him . I beep my horn three times as I slow down the car telling him to move . It's dark . But I managed to make out a smile on his face . Suddenly he places his hand on the dirt road. The hell is going on  . I rev the engine a little warning him I will run him over he just smirks and put his head down his hand never leaving the ground. I speed up waiting for the bump however , it never comes . I look down only to realize the car is no longer on the ground.

Anon POV
   I'm on my daily run In the forest when my thoughts are interrupted by my captain and Alpha's loud ass voice booms in my head. ATTENTION . My Future LUNA has been abducted . I am around 160  S Maple Street in the Forest  but I'm going to be trailing the car a safe distance for her sake . The abductor has a Collar around her neck that will explode if were not careful . Block off every place in the surrounding area of North Winsdale Pack because that's where they're most likely heading . I'll alert their alpha we're coming and also ask him for assistance . She has brown skin curly brown hair and hazel grey eyes. He found his mate I smile softly happy for him but then realize what he said. She's been kidnapped ? I wonder if the person kidnapped her over the orbs ? No couldn't be only a select few know of those . Nevertheless. Let's go save us a girly , I quickly mindlink my mate and explain the situation while running in the direction he mentioned . " Be safe my love " . I smile softly I'll be okay I promise . I then reach a dirt road and catch the scent of a rogue A car approaches and I stand in the street noticing a female in the car . Is this the one? Sure we dont have many rogues passing by with females that smell of blood intheir car , but I wouldnt want to reveal my power to A random rogue, the council would have my head. I grimace at the thought , Well she matches the description though I can't see her eyes . As the car approaches I see the rogue getting slightly fustrated. This will be too easy . I place my hand on the ground focusing all of my power into one point . He revs his engine at me am I supposed to be scared or something? Making a stream of energy go to the ground under the car I smirk Ready my wolf says . My eyes glaze over their normal soft green turning into a glowing forest green as the ground under the car is lifted leaving a hole in the ground . " Alois I found them ." I say through our link . Within seconds he's in the line of trees this way the man can't see him but I can .

 Looking up at the man he gets out the car onto the platform I have in the air and looks at me dumbfounded . "Demetrius don't forget he has that explosive around her neck . She's also unconscious ."  Speaks into our mindlink worry and anger evident in his tone. I nod at him and begin to think of a plan . He then goes to the other side and drags her out of the car throwing her over his shoulder . Earning a loud growl from me and a low one from Alois who's trying to stay hidden although mentally shifting between him and his wolf . The man smirks and holds a device in his hand with a button . " I thought that alpha would be smart enough to let me leave when I hold his mates life in his hand but clearly he's dumber than I thought. " This small gesture causing Alois eyes to battle between a Silver Color and His wolves Black. His wolfs trying to take control but if he can't control his murderous intent he'll be sensed even by someone as low ranked as this rogue.

 " You've got 10 seconds to stop doing whatever witch craft bullshit you're doing and let the car down. You will not follow us as we go . If you do she's dead ." He says with pure venom and hatred in his voice . As he's speaking I see traces of a small light behind him . Not only that but a warm sensation on my shoulder as my guardian mark begins to glow slightly. I smirk , I almost forgot . As if reading my mind 3 more appear all in different sections of the woods . I lower the platform slightly  and take a step forward 5...4 "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER " he exclaims waving the device in the air "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Alois's voice booms in my head. Man the headache im going to have tomorrow is going to be intense he better bring me home some food tomorrow seriously. Is he that far gone he doesnt even notice we're not the only ones here anymore ?  3...2.. "THATS IT!" 1.. Alois Eyes flicker with despair and pure anger as he lunges forward out of the trees but before he could get to them ... The rogue clicks the button .

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