Okay but..who are you?

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Raynas POV
Beautiful she is , all she does is give. A spell that must be broken .
A heart that's made of Gold , will soon turn to stone
If there is no motive
I turn my attention to the sound of the beautiful voice seeing it belongs to a woman that seemed to be in her 30s . She smiles at me softly and beckons me to come closer . Unconsciously my feet move towards her and within seconds I'm in front of her . " Lead them my child , for it is not your time yet. Lead them to the path of th- " 


Black. Pitch black , it's all I see  And I can't hear. The only thing being in this void is me. I look around seeing nothing but void . "Am I dead?" . No Rayna you're surely alive A voice that practically screamed power says and I turn around, I blink and I see a beautiful girl her complexion is pale as snow but still beaming with life and her hair is almost pure white down to her waist her eyes a piercing blue . I'm so stuck in awe I don't even realize she's moved closer. She lightly placed her hand around my neck giving it a playful squeeze. This drawing my attention back to her. She smiles softly and mutters an " if only." Confused and dazed I just stare at her as she sits on a bench placed in between a forest of trees. Unsure of what to do, I follow suit and stand on the side of her . She raises her eyebrow at Me which I respond to with a nervous smile . " What's your name? And could you tell me why I'm here" . She sits as if contemplating for a moment than begins to speak. " My Name is chióni , I'm an elemental spirit." I open my mouth to speak when she looks at me and continues ."Youre here because I'm Your elemental spirit , the Goddess has instructed that you be awoken for the upcoming war." I sit there dumbfounded, what do I even say . All of this is so new to me I have to be dreaming, a spirit lady? A goddess? A war , don't we have military for wars and such? "However in order to fully receive my claim , as well as any others you have to have a will. Without a strong will your powers WILL destroy you." She says, her voice switching from the original soft one to a more stern and serious one. I don't know what to do .
"Shit" I pinch my arm extremely hard causing Chióni to grab my arm and look at me . " What are you doing?" She says looking at me as if I had grew two heads . "Well I needed to see if I was stuck in a dream." I said with a nervous smile. I can practically see her facepalming.  "So, do you Rayna Isabel Artegio, take my powers Chióni The Snow Spirit as your own . To use with the will of a million men as you fight for the well being of the supernatural community." I think over what she's said and I'm filled with question but honestly based off her tone I don't think I want to say No. but at the same time ,this is all so much.... "I don't know chióni ,are you sure their wasn't a mistake why would some Goddess I know nothing of give me powers to fight a war I'm sure their is many more stronger than me that can actually handle , I don't even know how to fight properly . " suddenly her face softens, "Rayna .. if you think you can't do this because of your past you're mistaken . You getting through what you've been through just shows how much strength you have , there was no mistake love you were destined for this ." She says and I feel myself tear up at the last part ... I'm strong? .  "What do I say?" I say softly but loud enough for her to hear." She smiles " I Rayna Eres Artegio Accept Chióni the Snow Spirit's powers as My own ,A gift from the Moon Goddess." Grabbing my hand in hers.Here we go... "I Rayna Eres Artegio Accept Chióni the Snow Spirits powers as my own , A Gift from the Moon Goddess." 

And with that I'm returned to the void through this time a foreign strength surging through my veins  my inner thigh glowing I look down seeing a change to the symbol it now having a small blue character for C  at the top corner of the circle . "Hey

SHIT I jump startled by a presence in my head , what the hell. My reaction must've been funny because the voice I recognize now as chióni let's out a loud laughter  ,  "Rayna that was hilarious ! Did you forget already ." She says In Between laughter "

No I didn't forget ! How could I when I have a whole mark on my leg I just didn't know you would be in my head too ." I reply slightly embarrassed . It couldn't have been thatttt funny "Oh this is only temporary your headspace is home for another but she is dormant for the time being." She says with a tone with slight sadness. " So when the time comes for her , when you need  me place your hand over your mark and say my name , I'll pop right up " she says excitedly . " Oh okay , how do I get out of this? ." I still don't know where I am and I wanted to ask who this person is but I decided to save that for another time . Her voice drops for a second before she clears her throat. "You're in a Coma Rayna , the years of trauma plus the recent events caused you to be in a coma , you've been asleep for 4 days. You almost died but Ive been able to keep you maintained in this state because of you accepting my powers.  " my heart dropped , I was in a coma? But I'm right here . 

"Rayna you're mentally awake here but your physical state is a sleep. When you wake up is based on your will , I must warn you though, when you wake up . Things will have changed severely . " it's based on my will? So all I have to do is will myself awake right? " Thank you Chióni ." I offer a small smile and begin to try and wake myself up . At first I was having no luck till chióni told me to think about why I want to wake up. Alex,Kyland,Al- was I about to think about Alois? No why would I there's no reason to . It must have been an invasive thought. I continue to think and within a few minutes I start to feel my hands .

Alois POV

"Alpha , you have to eat ." The nurse says softly behind me . I will not leave her , I will not leave her side no matter what. It's been 4 days , 4 days since I've seen her beautiful brown eyes , 4 days since I've heard her voice , 4 days since she's been awake . I will not leave her .
~The night she was saved
     I'm speeding towards the packhouse and I finally arrive running inside with her in my arms carefully trying to not run into anything or move her too much " BRIAN I NEED YOU IN HERE NOW ." my voice ringing loudly through the house it cracking slightly at the end as I feel her body slowly become cold . Within seconds he's in front of me  " This way." He yells running towards one of the nearest rooms me after him , my pack members staring in confusion at the scene . "I've already instructed my nurses bring all the equipment they will be here in seconds ." He says as I gently lay her on the bed never letting go of her now chilling hand . 

Please please don't leave me . My thoughts are interrupted by Brian and his nurses who have now entered the room ."Alpha we need you to step out ." Brian says earning a deep growl from me and my wolf my eyes beginning to darken  .

 I will not leave her . 

" Alpha please we cannot work with you holding her not with you in the room please we want to save her ." His voice pleading with me but I can't , I will not leave her. My eyes darken intensely 

" No"  small hands are placed on my back I recognize them as my mother . I turn to face her seeing tears in her eyes "Alois baby , please let the doctors do their job , the longer we take the less of a chance she will have . Please ." She says trying to hold in her tears . She grabs my hand and walks me out of the room me no longer resisting . I reach the wall across from the room with my angel in it and and slump down to the floor putting my hands in my head before hearing the last words I ever wanted to hear ." HURRY WE'RE LOSING HER ."

I had almost lost her that night and I refuse to ever leave her again . Never . "Alpha ple-." She's interrupted by the once monotone beeping of the monitor spiking causing my eyes to immediately shift to Rayna . From one spike to two to three the heart rate now at a normal pace as color slowly returns to her face . I squeeze her hands softly as my eyes start to tear up . "Please baby, wake up . I just want to see those beautiful eyes ." Her body's warming up a little . "Give me a sign my love show me you're waking up, show me I'm not just imagining it." Nothing. "Please wake up Angel, I need you..." I silently beg her pressing my forehead to our intertwined hands. 

Nothing happened , minutes have passed and nothing 

" Please ...." 



I look at my hand joined with hers and stare holding my breath
It happens again but this time with more strength .
I stare at her face hoping to see some sign of life

Soon her eyes flutter open and I'm staring straight into those beautiful eyes I've missed so much.
"Hey Dumbass."

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