The road to decisions

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Raynas POV

"You will not leave." The words ring in my head as I stare at Him in utter shock, the shock then turning into anger as I shove him off me . " W-what do you mean I can't leave." His eyes shift slightly as his face tenses he bites his bottom lip as if trying to hold something in . Normally I may have something like that attractive but I'm honestly too pissed off to care right now . He backs up with his back facing the door . 

" You will not leave ." He repeats staring at me .

 " I'm not sure who died and made you my parent in the last 4 days but YOU cannot dictate where I go or what I do! Outside of school we literally have no type of relationship ! I just met you you're not allowed to make my life decisions!" I yell at him . A look of hurt comes across his face before he quickly mask it . " I have a fam- people to go home to ! I'm not staying here." I finally say letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding. 

Family, if you could even call it that. 

At that last part his Eyes flashed with anger Causing me to slowly back up . Was he going to hit me for yelling? I shouldn't have . I don't even know where I am right now he could literally kill me and no one would question it . I backed away more before my back hit the wall. 

Immediately I go into panic mode and start scanning the area for a chance of escape incase things get bad. "No you don't." He says in a low tone his voice filled with a venomous hatred . What? I don't have a house to go home to ? They hate me but they'd never let me be out for too long by myself because they'll think I will tell. 

"You're lying." I say through gritted teeth looking down at my feet. He takes a step closer before sighing . "Your parents left you to me ." He says in a monotone  voice rubbing the back of his neck They what?

" But it's not what you think! I realized something wrong was going on in the house after you ended up here the first time , when you first got here Jonathan offered you to me and I accepted hoping to give you a chance at a better life .. but then things didn't go to plan when I found you Jonathan was reluctant to give you to me because he thought I would treat you well and didn't believe you deserved it resulting in the situation before . " he says looking everywhere but Me. 

Did He me ? " So...where is he ?" I say softly unsure of what to do .

 " He ran off , after I was able to get you and bring you here I told him the cops were on the way and he ran. I'm not sure where he is right now but I don't think you'll have to worry about him again." He says with a dark tone in his voice at the end causing my whole body to shiver . 

" So what do I do now ?.." I ask slightly nervous , he "bought" me , I didn't even know I could be sold ? What would he even use me for ? What would he want me to do ? 

My thoughts trail off and my eyes eventually met Alois's worried filled ones .

 " Rayna if you're thinking something negative stop it ,I would never hurt you nor make you do anything you don't want to do? I only want you safe ." He says his eyes pleading with mine . And oddly I believe him but that doesn't answer what I should do . 

"So ... what do you want me to do?" The unease slightly conveying in my tone . He looks taken back for a moments before studying me with his eyes , he then backs up and takes in a deep breath . " You can do whatever you want to do , you're free.Im not sure if you have anywhere planned to go after this or if you'll just go back to your old home " he spits that word out with a slight anger before continuing " But if you don't you're always welcome here." He says looking me in my eyes before walking out of the room . I could stay here?

Ive got to be losing my head to even be considering this, We dont know each other well  and woutside of school we've only met in these type of situations yet my gut Is telling me I can trust him. Even in the split moments our skin makes contact My entire body is filled with warmth and replaced with A feeling of longing when Im away from him. Ive definitely got to be out of my mind. Maybe its the meds they've got me on. 

I think to myself  making my way back to the direction of the room I was In. 

  "Yes. The Alpha is completely infactuated with her ... No its not likely he'll let her out of his sight. Understood." A voice says on the hallway, It seems like they were having A conversation with someone but I couldnt hear anyone else . 

I slowly creep to my room feeling as though I was being watched. 

Yep, Im definitely losing it.

Alois POV

    Dammit... I feel terrible for lying to her but Its not like I could tell her without having to tell her 'Everything' and It may be A bit selfish seeing as with everything she's been through the last thing she needs is someone else seeming like they want to control her or keep her in the dark. 

I sigh burying my face in my hands . Dammit all , when did this get so complicated ? This is nothing like the stories my mother used to read to me and Layla about mates when we were younger .



  "Mommy , whats A mate ?" 6 year old Layla asks her mother and Luna of the Cresent Moon Pack. The woman in her mid 30's smiles lovingly at her child before ushering her elder son Alois to her. He came to her sitting on the floor next to his sister with crossed legs. " Why dont I tell you two A story ?" The 7 year old who was playing with his toys who showed no interest in hearing fairytales pouts. "But mommy! I dont wanna." He says rolling around on the floor causing his sister to hit the back of his head and his mom to left out a small laugh. "You'll be the Alpha of this pack once you get bigger Alois , and An Alpha needs his mate to rule at his side or their will be no balance and he'll become grumpy." she says ruffling the hair of her son. " Like how daddy gets when he has to go on long business trips and he cant see you?" Her daughter Layla asks tilting her head slightly. The woman looks back at her husband whos face is tinged with red burying his face in an upside down book. The woman chuckles smiling at her children. 

" Yes sweetie just like that. Now listen up !" She says getting the attention of both of her children. "By the time you turn 17 you'll be able to not only shift into your wolves but also find something called A mate. A mate is the one person in life that will give you indescribable happiness like no other and no one else can compare to them." The woman smiles softly thinking of her husband.  "Because you are both of Alpha bloodline finding your mate should not be a difficult task as your senses are higher and more sensitive than average wolves ." She continues , " The road may or may not be easy for you , but you have to remember never EVER give up on your mate. The Celestial Goddess doesn't make mistakes." She says before kissing both of their foreheads. The youngest Layla gets up and runs to her father to tell him all about what their mother had just told them , while the oldest instead stays to play with his toys. " Alois... Your journey will be A bit more difficult , but you must never give up." She says tucking her sons hair besides his hair . "Goddess please give him strength" she whispers softly to herself thinking of the dream she had

------Flashback Over------

 Sighing he brushes his hands through his hair fustratingly getting it out of my face. My thought soon trailing to my mate. 

 Her Brown Green Eyes , Her soft curly hair that was full for sure . "I wonder how she manages it ." I mumble to myself

Her beautiful brown skin that was returning to its warm color as the bruises fade . 

He smiled to himself . Being over taken by the scent of his mate who was downstairs calming his senses. " No matter how difficult things get.. I will never give up on You." 

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