A mental collision

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Rayna POV

  I slowly woke up but didn't open my eyes , instead I buried  myself into the hard warm body pillow next to me . This pillow hugged back ? My eyes shot awake and I was face to face  well.. face to chest, I recognized the person as Alois by the sparks that were in place of where his hands were . His voice was a little rough but it quickly calmed instead sending shivers down my spine." I'm sorry did I wake you ?" He starts removing his hands and sitting up making me whine

 "Don't..go." I sleepily mumble out grabbing his shirt . He tenses a little but calms down laying back down and pulling me into him . 

Kissing my forehead " Goodnight Angel, I promise tomorrow I'll tell you everything ." Was there something he wasn't telling me ? I thought he told me everything . I guess I'll just have to wait til tomorrow.. 

I nod my head before bringing myself impossibly closer to him . "Goodnight Alois."


It was now Friday and 7 in the morning , I was currently standing in the halls of my stupid school all by myself because Alois had a meeting or something and couldn't come and then of course  Alex just had to get sick so he wasn't here either. I could go find  to Mako but what would we even talk about without Alex here. 

Not to mention I hardly talk to anyone besides the two of them and Al unless its to get the answers for some work of course .

Speaking of work I should check my email to see if I got a response from any of the jobs Ive applied to .

 "If it isn't the Alphas little pet." The words sneer out making me turn around 

I forgot people like her exist. 
"What do you want Blaine  ?"I stared at her 
" I heard you've been slumming it with Alpha Black . You won't be with him for long though because that's just not how he treats his toys. But I want to know how you managed to do it, a mere human getting to bed with the Alpha?My father is on of the head warriors and my Mother is apart of the medical ward so I know all about your little 'Incident'. Listen I've done every trick possible in bed for that man to get us to where we are now and I refuse to let a broken little toy like you mess that up." She says stalking towards me raising her voice a little so our audience that is now forming can hear everything. 

My eyes shift slightly to the gathering crowd before I inhale and attempt to walk past her and towards my class.
Key word being "Attempt" She stands in front of me making me come face to chest with her.What if I just like took a swipe at her heels and made her fall flat on that rubber ass of hers ? I think It has enough in it to make reusable utensils  for kids in impoverished  countries while shes sitting here harassing me should could be out making herself useful.

I smile to myself at the thought trying my hardest to hold in A laugh


It took me a moment to register what had happened , but when I did it's like my body moved on it's own. 

My fist continued to make contact with something that eventually became wet as whatever it was began to splatter on my face wiping me out of my trance. 

I felt It was over in seconds but by the time I was fully aware again Alois was pulling me off of her and the nurse was rushing to Blaine  while teachers ushered kids into their classes and away from the scene. I was pulled away from the scene and brought outside of the school by none other than Alois but I didn't even want to talk to Him right now, I shrug him off of me , he grabs one of my wrists "Rayna."

I snatch my hand away earning a low growl from him , he pins both of my arms above my head and pushes his knee in between my legs making them separate. Normally this might possibly turn me on but all I wanted right now was to be left alone. I squirm against him trying to get out . He tightens his grip as his eyes meet mine A shocked look soon reaches his face before his grey eyes glaze over.

 He then leans down telling me to go get cleaned up . I wipe myself confused until I realize theirs slight blood splatter on my face. He sighs whispering a "we'll talk about this later" before letting me go and heading to his car driving off, I walk back into the school Building slightly annoyed . What is there to talk about? She touched me first . I grumble to myself and walk towards my class . "Ms.Artegio my office , Now ."
I turn to see Principal Raven now looking at me as he points towards the main office , I sigh before following him into his office passing a shocked looking Ms.Kathy on the way there . I sit down in the chair in front of his desk and he sighs rubbing his face .
"Rayna this isn't the type of behavior I'd expect from you." He speaks sounding disappointed I just stayed silent not knowing what to say.

"You're an excellent student, did you know fighting can exclude you from any scholarships? "
I did , I did know that, but my parents always said there was no way they'd let me enroll into college, so I never really thought much of it. Would Alois let me ?
I looked away from Principal Hammocks before groaning in frustration .

 "Is there a way I could fix this?" He smiles softly before clapping his hands together . " If you and Ms.Ortega can come to terms by the end of the school day and you both serve a detention we will disregard the write up." I 

smiled at the idea of the whole situation just going away but come to terms ? With Brittany. "I'm not even the one with the issue she started it !" I yell standing up . He leans back in his chair his face turning into one of slight humor and fustration.

"Well if you guys can't make up by the end of the school day you're both on a 10 day suspension and it will be on your record forfeiting all scholarships ."

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