The long Process

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Raynas POV

    7 hours, I have 7 hours to "Come to terms" with Blaine, I'd need about 7 weeks just to process the information and he wants me to be able to get along with her in 7 hours?
The thought causes my head to pound . Herself in general is just so irritating , student loans can't be that bad can they?

I walk into my 2nd class of the day sitting down in my seat before anyone else has walked in. It's days like this I really need Alex , I need him to feel better and fast .

As more people begin to pool in I sink back into my chair trying to ignore all the murmuring around me . "I heard she beat up Blaine over the History teacher "
"I heard Alpha Black is going to lock her in the room ."
" I heard she's a Rogue." The murmurs continued as the rumors spread . I sighed and put my face in my hands. 

I already hate coming here, the last thing I need is a Teacher -Student Scandal. Besides, me and Alois aren't anything.. right? Besides Who's "Alpha Black"
The thought causing an inner turmoil to begin in my head as I shake the thought out of my head.

There's no need for these types of thoughts.. he doesn't like me and I don't have feelings for him it's that simple. I'm just staying with him for the month so I can get myself together .

My brain wracks itself the whole day as the rumors seem to follow every where I go . Lunch is ending and I'm going to the class I'm dreading the most . I take my time walking there as I contemplate how bad this is going to be. Lost in my thoughts, I didnt even realize there's someone in front of me until I bump into them . I mutter some cuss words as I rub my head awkwardly " I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." I look up to see the person I ran into only to see the boy from a few days ago ? Only now I fully took in his appearance . He was rather tall with brown hair that was slightly over his face , he had light green eyes that paired well with his cream colored skin and a sleeve tattoo going up one of his toned arms . Moral of the story he was attractive . Not as much as Alois Though . Dammit what am I thinking.

 He shyly rubbed the back of his neck before smiling at me . " My fault I was so side tracked I hadn't even seen you ." He looks as if he's about to say something else when his eyes glaze over for a moment before he fixes his bag over his shoulder and walks towards the opposite direction. "Well see you later!" He's out of sight within seconds and I walk into the class of a slightly annoyed looking Alois . I guess he's still mad. I quietly take my seat ignoring all the stares in my direction. Alois wastes no time getting into today's lecture today seeming as any of our other days except for the fact he hasn't looked my way at all, even for a moment and for a second I thought he had forgotten what happened today . 

Until the bell rung.

 In a few minutes the whole class had cleared out leaving only me and Alois . " Hey Al I -."
"Don't.Speak." He cuts me off his voice sounding cold and harsh . A tone I was definitely too used to hearing. My body tensed up and I felt myself and the confidence I had built up slowly slip away. 

I sat back in my seat and gripped the edge of my chair slightly trying to keep myself from hyperventilating. Calm down it's Alois, he's not like them he wouldn't hurt me . He notices my tensed stance and takes a deep breath, "Come here Rayna." His voice soothes me as my body calms down, I get up and walk towards him and within seconds I'm right in front of him. He tucks my hair behind my ear , the small motion leaving a trail of sparks along the way. the curl however completely unfazed as it springs back to the front of my face making me laugh a little and Alois smile.

" I promise you I didn't forget, I'll tell you everything today, as soon as we get home... but I want you to promise you'll take everything in before you make any decisions." His words caught me off guard but I looked up at him after a moment, my eyes locking with his fear filled ones , what was he afraid of?  Instead of pressing I nod locking my pinky with his , " I pinky promise."


The period had come and gone , a slightly tense silence between me and Alois . He stayed after school a bit longer so when we left there was practically no one here , we got in the car and he drove to the house , driving slower than normal his hands gripping the wheel. I sighed and rest my head on the window letting sleep overtake me .


When I had woken up we had just turned the corner leading to the house . I sit up properly stretching before taking a slight peek at Alois . He looked so stressed and I wasn't sure why, I just hope whatever he tells me today solves all our problems. After A while We make our way into the house Alois waste no time taking off his shirt and shoes while I went upstairs to my room to take off my shoes and put my hair back up. There's a soft knock at my door after a few minutes and a Nervous Alois walls into the room . "Hey...I need to talk to you."

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