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Raynas POV

"What's an Alpha ?" The question seemed so simple to me but Alois looked extremely nervous he was sweating bullets . I had heard the term multiple times around campus and Alex had said it earlier which peeked my interest.

He rubbed the back of his neck smiling sheepishly. "Well, an Alpha is like .. a leader of a group werewolves. A group of werewolves under a leader is called a pack. There are 4 well established packs in North America . "

That's actually pretty cool I wonder why he was so worried about telling me that . "So that's why you and everyone live In those big houses spread out you're apart of a pack?"
"Yeah, the main house that you were in when you were being doctored is called the pack house . "  Then how come we weren't over there is it because I'm a human? "So where are we? How come we're not over there?" Wouldnt it makes sense that we stay with everyone else? I don't get it.
" The area that we're in now is for the Higher ranking members of a pack. Packs have a ranking system that ranges from omega to Alpha. However the pack that I'm in doesn't have any omegas. Everyone is trained at something. " he talks with so much pride as he speaks a small smile itching to make its way on his face. "But why are we over there? Won't your Alpha get mad at you for you bringing a commoner ...A human at that." I look at my feet shuffling slightly from the nerves. I don't want him to be in trouble for trying to help me. "Well no.."

He better not be lying if he's risking something to help me I'm literally going to beat his ass . I playfully glared at him poking his chest making him laugh. "So who's your Alpha ? Would I have to meet him?" Quiet. He went quiet for a second making me nervous. "Did his Leader have a vendetta against humans or something I ho-

" Alpha A.Black."

Was Black a common last name  for werewolves ? No can't be too common the only person I know with that last name is Aloi- A.Black... Alois Black . I looked at him scrunching my eyebrows together in slight confusion. Was he the alpha? He continued

"And with Alphas , their mates are the crowned Lunas , that's the female version of an alpha . They lead the Pack Alongside the Alpha. My packs Future Lunas name is Luna R.Artegio , soon to be Black." He smirked wiggling his eyebrows at the last part I laughed a little before sitting back on the desk , my mates an Alpha? I don't really know how to feel about that . But it doesn't really affect me right ?

"Wait. What does the Luna do? Do I have to do all of this right this second ? Alois I'm not rea-." He cuts me off by putting his lips on mine snaking his arm around my waist and leaning down towards my ear . "Angel you're adorable when you ramble but don't think too much about it , you'll learn everything over time . Right now however, you've basically told me that you accept me as your mate and it's taking everything in my power to not do some very inappropriate things to you." As he speak he pulls himself closer slightly , the only thing stopping my lower half from being fully on him is the length of the desk . My breathing hitches in my throat and I attempt to squeeze my leg shut but it's stopped by Al's hand . He laughs softly in my ear before pulling away and taking a deep breath. "You Rayna Isabel Artegio , are going to be the death of me ." He smiles before getting his stuff ready to leave . " Let's go home, You don't have worry about anyone spotting us because everyone here is apart of my pack , they wont question it ." I nod and throw my bag over my shoulder. Wait he said everybody . "Do you know an Alex Ramos?"
He looked taken back by the question but answered regardless as we walked down the hallway . "Yeah of course I do , he's my beta , that means he's directly under the alpha , not only that he's one of my best friends ."

I stopped at the door of the car staring . Even Alex? And he never told me ... Alois opened my door for me and ushered me in before going to the drivers door and getting in fastening both our seatbelts while I was lost in thought. "Oh Rayna... don't be mad at him . I'm sure if he could tell you he would . It is Illegal for a Werewolf to reveal what they are to a human. The only reason I could to you is because you're my mate ." He grabbed my hand rubbing the back of it assuringly , I sighed with a small pout before silently agreeing as we drove off . " I wish I was something cool and , like a vampire or a wolf or mermaid , I think I would be a great mermaid not the ones that kill men . Maybe .." I tease looking at Alois . "So are you just forgetting all about me ?"

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