A moment of weakness

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Raynas POV


          My face was unbelievably hot , I stared at Alois in disbelief. Don't get me wrong , I wasn't against uh..doing it with Alois . But we have to have sex to complete a bond? Not that I mind it of course.

The thought of his Rough hands holding my wrist and god-chiseled body hovering over mine sent chills down my spine that didn't go unnoticed. 

Alois growled lowly his eyes darkening with a new found desire. I nervously look away from him and sit down on the bed trying to focus on anything but him , which I can't deny was incredibly hard when someone so attractive was just looming over me. 

He walked towards me . Within seconds he was in front of me his hand under my chin softly bringing it up so my eyes met his. My face becoming impossibly redder I squeezed my legs together at the ankles trying my hardest to push all the inappropriate thoughts out of my mind. It's only Alois . 


He brings his mouth to my ear ." That face was adorable princess , do it again ."

Alois POV

         She was driving me fucking insane. I wanted her so bad right now but I know she's not ready and I don't even want to really talk about it with her because I don't want her to feel pressured into it. I instead turn my attention to a blushing Rayna . 

She's squeezed her legs together and bit her lip as if trying to keep any sounds from escaping. Even with her head down I could see she was practically undressing me with her eyes. Her brows furrowed slightly as her lips parted, her body arching with a subtle need. She was so turned on I could sense her Arousal , and thanks to my wolf senses. I could also hear it when she moved. 

   I felt my eyes changing but I fought it. I walked towards her taking a deep breath as I did and lifted her head seeing a desperate need in her eyes . Leaning towards her I decided I'd mess with her a little, giving me something else to focus on other than how pretty she'd look under m- 

" That face you made was adorable princess, do it again." 

I didn't even realize how much of my alpha voice  had slipped in until I well...said it. I looked to meet her eyes only to be greeted by a look of submission.

 My eyes instantly darkened as lust took over my senses . I pushed her on the bed with my hand gently with subtle aggression before slightly lifting her shirt to the bottom on her bra only exposing her stomach .

 I pulled the bottom of her shorts up running my fingers up her thigh ever so softly causing her to jump. I slowed my pace as I reached near her core. Running my hand over it but over the shorts I notice her breathing pick up. I smirk seeing the wet spot now more noticeable on her shorts . I begin to kiss from her thighs to stomach to right before her chest. I stand up properly taking off my shirt in the process . I look down at her seeings her red face and eyes filled with hunger and determination. I take that time to really admire her body . 

She was beautiful

  We're So Lucky... 

 I move the assault to her collarbone , then her neck . I hear her groan softly from the contact making me continue in that same spot until there's sure to be a mark . Whoops I smirk inwardly before kissing her cheek , then her forehead , then her nose . "Allllll stop teasing me ." She whines clear need in her voice . 

Dammit Rayna

"What do you want me to do princess?" I spoke barely inches away from her lips . She whined bucking her hips slightly under me .

 She wants me to wha- 

No not yet

"Would you like me to play with your body until I'm content?" The words come out before I've fully registered them , my more dominant side clearly in control . She nods as I whisper the words loud enough for her to hear as I move my hands to her now throbbing core using my fingers to play and tease 

 "Use your words Rayna, what do you want me to do . Do you want me to touch you ? Listen to how wet you are already ."  her already soaked shorts now leaving a mess on the tip of my fingers, 

she whimpers arching against my hand as if trying to pleasure herself more . I smirk before moving my hand up and down her shorts just barely applying pressure. 

" I asked you a question Ray." 

"Please Al." Her voice barely coming out as a whisper in her soft broken moans. 

They sounded so amazing I swear I could listen to this forever . I

" If you beg so nicely like that I wont be able to control myself." 

I kissed her neck moving my hands before standing up and looking at her before doing what had to be the most difficult task I've every done in my life . "I will, when I'm sure you're ready, and right now you aren't ."

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