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Raynas POV


     I stared at the shower wall letting the water run down my back . Stupid , stupid , stupid

I buried my hands in my hair resting my forehead on the wall. The memory repeating in my Head Making my face burn red. How could I be so stupid. 

"You're right you are pretty stupid" Chíoni snickered making me mentally glare at her. 

"Oh shut it. "

I wasn't in the mood for any of her teasing right now. I had already got enough of that from Al . My face turns red thinking about everything that just happened. Ugh. "Hey , hey don't get all mopey on me now we need to train!" She can't be serious! Chi it's almost sundown! I exclaimed getting out the shower and I began to dry off seeing A few ugly scars that Johnathan left me. I started to tear up as the memories flooded my mind. I quickly wiped my eyes taking a deep breath . 

"I need to stop crying over everything. I need to get better... " I looked in the mirror before pulling a white tee and sweatpants on walking out the bathroom. " Yeah Yeah I know it's late but we need to get you ready." She says impatiently , you know chi you always say I need to be ready but never specify for what. "Don't worry about it just go to a clearing far enough away no one will see you ." 

Do I even have any places like that? I thought back to when Alois was driving and talking about the area surrounding the houses. He said that there's a clearing that pack uses to train, but it's late they couldn't possibly be there now. I think to myself as I walked down the stairs. Without thinking twice I left through the back door towards the clearing. 


Chi had switched to a human form and made me run to the clearing, within 15 minutes I had gotten there and I was out of shape as hell, I could barely breath long enough to make sense of what she was saying.
"Fuck chi, are we done? I feel my lungs are going to collapse." She laughed at me as I bent over with my hands on my knees. "There's no air down there!" She yelled making me groan and stand up with my hand on my head. 

"So What now?" I asked looking around for the water we had brought. 

"Looking for something?" Chióni looks at me smirking as she pours the water out onto the ground making me stare at her in shock and confusion. 

"Don't worry I'm not evil you'll be able to get a drink." I let out a breath of relief standing up straight. "So where is it?" I asked questionably, there was nothing but trees around where were we going to get water? She smiled at me clapping her hands together,

" Youre going to make it!" 

I stared at her like she was crazy , she can't be serious. 

"How do you expect me to do that? I knew you were a little questionable but I didn't think you were crazy chi!" She laughed at me before forming a small whirl of snow in the palm of her hand. "Are you forgetting what you can do now Ray?" She says raising her eyebrow . " You're right I completely forgot I'm supposed learn to be a bootlegged Elsa."

 She rolled her eyes at me before compressing the whirling snow into a small block of ice and putting it in her mouth. "Ugh, don't even talk to me about that movie." I laugh lightly . "So what do I do?" 

Ive accepted everything that's happened to me so far. My teacher is an Alpha Wolf, that's also my mate. Not only that I have to train for some mysterious war I know nothing about and I'm gaining powers from a Snow Spirit named Chíoni . "You just visualize what you want to do ." I looked at my hand and try to visualize what she did . It wasn't working . "Maybe you're wrong chí, maybe I can't do It and -." 

"Try again Rayna , focus , visualize everything, each and every flake." I sigh and close my eyes placing my hand out visualizing a small whirl of snow, visualizing each and every flake, steadying my breathing. I felt a chill form over my hand making me jump and the snow disappear.
I opened my eyes fully getting a wide eyed look from chíoni . "RAY THAT WAS AMAZING, you got that so much quicker than you were supposed to!" She says floating on a small snow filled breeze . "It's time for you to start."

   I jumped up with a new found adrenaline . " Whew lets get into it ." I saw excitedly looking towards Chí however her attention seemed to be elsewhere as she stared off into A distance. 

" Hey are you okay ? " I ask placing my hand on her shoulder. She snaps out it and fills the previously empty bottle with slushy like ice handing it to me .

   " By the time you've Cooled down this should be melted. Ill be right back. " She says still looking around . Im about to ask her where shes going when she disappears in a mist of snow. 

Weird.. I wonder what happened .

I think to myself before laying on the forest floor watching as the contents of the bottle slowly melts. 

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